No charges laid in Lions Lookout accident



On October 15, 2018 just after 8:30am, Huntsville Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) along with Huntsville Fire Department and Muskoka Paramedic Services responded to a motor vehicle collision at Lions Lookout in Huntsville.

Emergency services found that an SUV had driven over the edge of the lookout and fallen approximately 38 meters landing on its roof.

The two occupants were extricated from the vehicle by Huntsville Fire and transported to a local area hospital.

The male driver was treated for minor injuries and released; the female passenger was later transported to a Toronto area hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The couple were tourists from out of the country.

Investigation is concluded no charges were laid.

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  1. Guess police will have to look at how effective the safety barriers are on Lions Lookout? Hopefully they’re adequate without restricting the view.

  2. Josephine McClelland on

    It does matter about barriers why did it happen at all. What was the cause ………just stupidity or what? They should have been charged.

    • It will become a very memorable kiss for them. “ Hey kids, when mummy and daddy were young we once drove a car off a cliff we were kissing so much. That is how we knew we would love each other forever. “ maybe they should pay attention to if their car is in park before they start eating their faces.

  3. Kathleen Miller on

    I totally disagree that they should have been charged ,and as long as they are alive and well is all that matters. Sometimes people are not aware of their surroundings as well as they could be and it only takes a few seconds to make an error in judgement. Believe me, I know that well and lost someone dear to me realizing that fact. And thanks to all those EMS people and medical staff who try to fix the broken ones.

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