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9 Dale’s new mantra is ABO: Anyone but O’Leary

I recently read an EKOS poll showing that since the turn of this century the number of Canadians who identified themselves as middle class dropped from 67 per cent to 46 per cent. A fomenting frustration has been roiling and growing into anger ever since. While my friend and esteemed…

2 Contrary to what Trump believes, globalization is not going to be reversed – Opinion

By Hugh Holland Fair Trade or Protectionism? – Views from Canada and America                                                                                             Chrystia Freeland was elected as the Member of Parliament for Toronto-Rosedale and appointed Canada’s Minister of International Trade in November 2015. She was appointed Minister of Global Affairs in January 2017. She was born in Peace…

3 Commentary: Why ‘Unfounded’ and What Now?

By Kathleen May Only ten per cent of women who experience non-spousal sexual assault – the most egregious of which is rape – report this crime to police*. The reasons for this are as complex and varied as women themselves. Perhaps they are not comfortable revealing intimate details about the…

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