MPP Norm Miller says he agrees with Patrick Brown’s resignation


Parry Sound-Muskoka MPP Norm Miller said he was shocked to learn of the sexual misconduct allegations against Ontario Progressive Conservative Party leader Patrick Brown. The allegations made by two women were made public Wednesday night. In a late-night press conference, Brown denied those allegations. He resigned as party leader a few hours later “after consulting with caucus, friends and family,” he said in a release, adding that he “will remain on as a MPP while I definitively clear my name from these false allegations.”

“I was shocked to learn the recent news about Patrick Brown. This is an issue I take seriously, and I know we all agree that sexual harassment is never OK,” said Miller in a written statement to Doppler.

Miller said the Conservative caucus discussed the issue yesterday and came to a unanimous conclusion.

“Last night our caucus unanimously agreed that as a result Patrick Brown must no longer lead our Party and I believe MPP Brown has done the right thing by resigning his leadership,” said Miller.

The resignation leaves the party without a leader as elections scheduled for June 7, 2018 draw near. Many are hopeful that runner-up Christine Elliott may get another chance to challenge the Wynne government in the upcoming election.

Christine Elliott came in second during the 2015 leadership race that saw Patrick Brown elected. She served as MPP for Whitby-Oshawa, same riding held by her late husband Jim Flaherty before he entered federal politics and went on to become finance minister. Since July 1, 2016, Elliott has served as Ontario’s first patient ombudsman, a position created to investigate complaints regarding people’s experiences with the health care system. It is still uncertain whether Elliott will consider the leadership, with Brown’s resignation.

“Our caucus is meeting shortly to determine our path moving forward and I assure you that I remain committed to serving the people of Parry Sound-Muskoka,” stated Miller this afternoon.

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  1. Frances Botham on

    I am not impressed with how easily the Progressive Conservative Party immediately dumped their leader. It doesn’t take a lot of analysis to see how obviously orchestrated these allegations appear to be. One alleged incident occurred 20 years ago and the other allegedly happened 5 years ago. Amazing how these women made their accusations at the same time. And is it okay for them to hide their identity under this hideous veil of secrecy while their allegations destroyed Patrick Brown’s career and reputation?
    Let’s not be inundated with stupid comments such as “sexual harrassment is never okay”! No criminal act or discrimination of any kind is ever okay.
    I have never met Patrick Brown, however he has my sympathy. We supposedly have a superlative justice system that gives every person in this country the status of being innocent until proven guilty. Something went askew here. Shame on the Progressive Conservative Party for their lack of back bone in this instance.

  2. Kathy Henderson on

    I hate harassment or sexual harrasment but this seems fake the whole way it came out. My sympathies lay with Patrick and he is innocent until proven guilty. And he has not been proven guilty. Problem is the claim is out there. I think the whole thing was orchestrated by the Liberals.

  3. Our justice system evolved over a period of 1000 years and a precious right is presumption of innocence and the right to face one’s accusers. When one is able to remain anonymous while accusing someone of some serious crime or misbehaviour it is manifestly unjust.
    I do not consider this to be brave “coming forward” as such is called to day. These are anonymous and unsubstantiated allegations until proven in a court of law.
    This could happen any time to any prominent public figure ( or to any of us for that matter) someone wants to put out of the way. Social media acts as judge and jury and the accused’s associates have little choice in today’s environment but to cut them loose and flee lest they themselves be accused as being supporters of a villain. Loyalty and honour are forgotten concepts.
    A staggering blow to Brown who to his credit did resign within hours.
    I wonder if Kathleen Wynn would be as honourable if she were accused of something similar hapening in her life 20 years ago. And our unctuous Prime Minister was a young man at one time and could certainly face anonymous accusations as well. Would he instantly resign?
    We all need to think very hard about where all this is taking us. It is a disgrace.

  4. if these allegations are as serious as they are purported to be, then the accusers should be willing to put their name and their face behind them…if they wish to remain anonymous, then why are they “speaking out”?

    it smells of political manipulation for sure

  5. I have lost all faith in the PC party and Mr Miller. They won’t be getting 4 votes in our household at election time for condemming someone on nameless accusations and not standing behind innocent until proven guilty.

  6. I don’t know Patrick Brown. He did invite himself into my living room. He explained how he had fought through adversity to be PC leader, and he would fight for me too.
    Then a couple of women said he wasn’t so great to work for. So Patrick declared his innocence and prepared to fight gain. All his current employees and fellow workers rallied to defend him.
    Just kidding. A bunch of his employees quit. Patrick quit and went into hiding. One of his fellow PCs said they weren’t surprised. Another said they believed the women.
    I think the PC party needs a policy and a process to deal with harassment in the workplace. I also think they should stick to promoting strategies to make Ontario a better place to live, instead of trying to sell us on what a great leader they have. I’m not holding my breath.

  7. Brian Thompson on

    Please encourage Christine Elliott to stand for the leadership. If the party faithful had elected her in the first place, the Ontario PC’s would not once again be positioning itself to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  8. Too much and too often these days! This smells so badly of Liberal manipulation as the election approaches and only cements my determination to vote against them. These women who come out of the woodwork 20 years later are ludicrous! Step back even farther to the 60’s – Woodstock, free love etc. Anything was acceptable back then, but the times gradually changed and leveled off to a more acceptable conduct of behaviour and will continue to do so as the norm, but old accusations have no place in the here and now. We could all look back and regret actions in our past, but bringing them forward now is a joke and definitely serves no purpose other than to emphasize the lack of action taken for justice at the time it happened. The need to publish these past individual occurrences for vindication is troubling – seek professional help if they create a current problem coping, PLEASE. History can’t be changed, but coping methods can. I still believe in “innocence until PROVEN guilty” and see, as suspect, the number of items now surfacing.

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