Mayor Aitchison to remain in medical care pending bypass surgery


On July 31, the Town of Huntsville notified residents of Mayor Aitchison’s medical diagnose and coronary angiogram procedure scheduled at South Lake Regional Health Care earlier today. Results of the procedure have indicated that Mayor Aitchison requires bypass surgery and will remain in medical care until surgery is scheduled at a later date.

“First and foremost we are just happy that the Mayor is in good hands and that he is receiving the very best medical care. All of Council and Staff are here to support the Mayor during this time,” said Deputy Mayor Karin Terziano.

The Town of Huntsville will continue to keep residents informed.

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  1. David Jewell on

    Linda Ann and I wish you every success for your improved health from South Lake. Rest and do what ever they tell you to do!! The town will do just fine with Karin at the helm. Best wishes.

  2. Barbara and I wish you a speedy recovery Scott, take all the time you need, your health comes first the town can wait.

  3. Robert Attfield on

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery and return to good health, Mr. Mayor.
    You’re a vital part of this community.

  4. Sorry to hear ..We wish you the best of luck with your surgery Scott..we hope you have a speedy recovery! Randy and Wendy Brown

  5. Christine Rivière-Anderson on

    Thinking about you, Scott! We are rooting for you and send our best wishes for a prompt recovery.

  6. Hi Mr. Mayor, Been where you are, and done that. They take good care of you down there, – for sure. They also give you a stuffed toy heart to take to bed with you. Best advice? Don’t misplace it, – it will be your very best friend. Just give it a good hard squeeze when needed, and it will help you through all this. Believe me, being a Mayor is harder than going through this procedure.
    Be good and take care.

    Jim Sinclair

  7. Bill and Sher McGrath on

    We will be thinking nothing but positive thoughts for you Scotty. All the best for a speedy recovery. Bill and Sher McGrath

  8. Jacquie Howell on

    Wishing the Mayor a quick recovery and I am sure he will learn a great deal about a large regional hospital. Anywhere in Muskoka would be closer. Of course within the Huntsville boundaries would be best.

  9. Doris P Kelly-Capyk on

    Wishing you a successful by-pass surgery and a speedy recovery, Scott. This is time for you to take care of yourself first and let others help.
    All the best
    Doris Kelly-Capyk & John Capyk

  10. John and Sonja Garlick on

    Wish you a successful surgery, Scott, and hope that you will soon be back feeling great again!
    The town will be in good hands with Karin at the helm.
    John and Sonja Garlick

  11. Cindy mortimer on

    Try and behave Scott and don’t give them too hard of a time…..I will be thinking about you….Hugs, Cindy

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