Main Street merchants bid farewell to TD neighbours today


Main photo: Main Street merchants brought cupcakes to say farewell to their neighbours at Huntsville’s downtown TD Canada Trust branch (from left) Catherine Cole from The Great Vine, Allie Chisholm-Smith from Ahimsa, Ingrid Van Vlymen, Lynda Starbuck from The Great Vine, Amanda Knapp, Elisabeth Geissbuehler, Connie Lyons, Pat Julian, Jim Allen from Treasures and Trophies (hidden), and Jessie Condon.

It was a bittersweet celebration with emphasis on the sweet.

Several Main Street merchants surprised their neighbors at the TD Canada Trust branch with Whimsical Bakery cupcakes this afternoon to thank them for many years of friendship and service. The branch is closing today, February 9, 2018, and will merge with the bank’s other Huntsville location on North Kinton Avenue.

“The TD bank are our neighbours and although they aren’t moving from town, they are moving out of our neighbourhood,” said Catherine Cole from The Great Vine. “And we are going to miss them. They are a big part of our lives.”

“I’m devastated,” added Allie Chisholm-Smith. “I make weekly, if not daily visits here.”

TD Canada Trust and its predecessors have had a branch on Huntsville’s Main Street for almost 120 years, and in the current Main Street location since 1926. There’s no word yet on who will occupy the building next.

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  1. Michael McLean on

    I used to live in Huntsville for many years n I’m surprised to see this branch go to Kinton branch, don’t like that idea,since I thought that Huntsville was growing,guess I was wrong. U had two branches now only one . Not smart if u cater to tourism, not smart planning, because now most of Muskoka is run by Torontonians now not the locals I used to know. Very sad n not logical move for business.

  2. I can see why TD moved – lack of accessible parking. Parking behind the bank involved walking up and down a rather steep and – depending on the weather conditions, – an often hazardous trek!
    Speaking of parking, when is the Town going to address the total inadequacy of its parking. The malls are reaping the benefits of this problem the local Main St. merchants face.
    I think a good part of the failure of the Empire block and its next door neighbors to be sold is the lack of a place to park. It really isn’t fair to CIBC who owns its parking lot to have that space used by anyone who feels like parking there.

    • Old Empire hotel location is the perfect spot for downtown parking. A small amount for parking could be generated from the site especially in the summer months if it stays a small amount and doesn’t get out of control.

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