Local tunes: meet singer/songwriter Nicole Duquette


She’s young, talented and has a voice that keeps you wanting more.

Nicole Duquette was born and raised in Huntsville. Her love of music came at a very young age.

“There was never a time when I wasn’t singing or humming around the house,” she says.

Her inspirations came from Shania Twain and Colbie Caillat. She would sing along to their songs almost every day. Her love of music and singing blossomed at the age of 12 when she decided to teach herself how to play the acoustic guitar. Around that time, Nicole’s father was in the Toronto hospital getting serious surgery done on his spine.  “It was a very rough time for my family so I turned to music to help me deal with my sadness,” says Nicole.  From there, she wrote her very first piece of music, which was intended for her dad. It was called “Rise Above”, a song about family struggles and coping with a different lifestyle but knowing that everything will turn out okay and that you can rise above anything if you put your mind to it.

“I remember singing this song to my dad on the phone while he was living in the Toronto rehabilitation center. He put the phone on speaker so that everyone in his room could hear,” says Nicole. “I think this song is what kept my Father going.”

After knowing that Nicole made a positive impact in her father’s life she continued writing more meaningful music. “All my songs have a story behind them. I write from the heart.”

Nicole went on to finally perform her music live. At the age of 13 she was asked to perform her original songs on Hunters Bay Radio’s Talent on the Bay. After that she began performing at weddings and even festivals like Nuit Blanche North.

Today Nicole is at full speed with her music. She is writing, recording and performing with her husband, Nick, who accompanies her on guitar and trumpet. While living and performing in Europe this year, Nicole was asked to perform her songs on one of the local radio stations as well as collaborate with other musicians and play many concerts in the city. Her indie/folk/pop music has proven to be quite popular amongst the French and English crowds.

In 2017, Nicole released her first six-song EP album online. In 2018, she was able to record her father’s song “Rise Above” and you can now hear it on Youtube and Bandcamp.

This July, Nicole will return to Canada to live and promote her new music. She has many gigs already planned in the Muskoka area and will also be an opening act at the Etwell Concert Series on August 1.

Learn more about Nicole on Facebook (Nicole Duquette Music) and check her website for new and upcoming gigs. She also plans to release new singles this summer, so keep your eyes and ears open. Nicole is definitely a musician to watch out for!

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  1. Yvonne Peacock on

    Yes Nicole Duquette is a very talented singer and musician, Her husband Nick is also a very talented musician. Our daughter Nicole is so kind hearted as well. We can’t wait too see her and her husband come home from France. We love you Nicole and Nick, and are so proud of you both. We will be seeing you soon, so excited you will be home soon. Lots of love mom and dad.

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