Feeling SAD? Visit the Huntsville Public Library this winter for some light therapy


Huntsville Public Library has announced it is offering people the use of a Light Therapy Lamp.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects up to 18 per cent of people — two to three per cent will experience more severe symptoms while the remaining 15 per cent experience a milder form, according to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).

It often strikes in the fall and winter as natural light decreases and brings with it feelings of tiredness, sadness, irritability and tension, among other things. (Visit your doctor if you think you may have symptoms of SAD to be sure your symptoms don’t have another cause.)

Many people with SAD — 60 to 80 per cent according to the CMHA — find relief from their symptoms through use of a light therapy box.

A Library release notes that the lamp has a “fluorescent light with a typical dose of 10,000 lux (measurement of light intensity). Light therapy aims to copy outdoor light that researchers believe causes a chemical change in the brain that lessens the symptoms of SAD… All customers are encouraged to check with their healthcare professional if they have any concerns about using the lamp.”

The light therapy lamp is available for use in the library on a first come, first served basis; no fee or library membership is required.

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