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0 Some Interesting News

A NEW DIRECTION We have some exciting news this week. I have been writing my Listen Up! Blog since the beginning of the year and have been delighted with the number of viewers and loyal readers. At the same time I have been working with some other folks to develop…

0 The Dog Days of Summer

THE DUFFY TRIAL Some years ago, I had the privilege of being the Chief of Staff to Frank Miller, both when he was Premier of Ontario and as Leader of the Opposition. It was a relatively short tenure but I learned a lot!  The most important part of the job…

2 Bits and Pieces

ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL Well for those that watch, the first week of the Federal election campaign was anything but boring. First, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynn comes out swinging against Prime Minister Harper. Given that her approval rate in the Province is at 27%, I am sure that there are…

0 Hospitals and Hustings

A GOOD FIRST STEP Huntsville Council got it right this past week when they established a Hospital Retention Working Group and appointed a blue ribbon panel of community members to it. The only mystery is why they did it with such little fanfare, that it has barely caught the attention…

0 A Political Rant

THE POWER OF THE PRESS My Father once told me to never get into a peeing match with someone who buys ink (or paper) by the ton , but I am somewhat of a non conformist, so here goes. I read a great article this week by Terence Corcoran, a…

2 President trump? Please No.

Actually, I know the guy and I like him. Several years ago he was a client of mine and I still have a picture hanging in our home, of The Donald on the front page of the Toronto Sun, with an autograph from him saying, “Hugh, You’re the Greatest”. Yes,…

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