It’s Wayback Wednesday: Lake view



Welcome to Wayback Wednesday sponsored by Cavalcade Color Lab! Every week, we’ll be sharing a vintage photo and asking our readers to chime in with anything you can recall about the photo, other related memories, or even a funny caption. Have some vintage photos of your own? Send them to [email protected] and we may share them with our readers!

This image by Frank Micklethwaite is labelled “Vernon Lake, Huntsville, Muskoka”. Can you determine the photographer’s vantage point or identify any of the structures in the photo? (Photo courtesy of Brian Westhouse / Lake of Bays Through the Years on Facebook)

Wayback Wednesday is sponsored by Cavalcade Color Lab


Last week we shared this photo with you:


In this aerial photo of the Muskoka River, the swing bridge is in the upper right and the swampy area to the left of that is where Brendale Square is today. Reader Brian Tapley noted that “the large buildings that run off the bottom of the picture are the tannery. I think Centre street bridge is now just about the middle of this picture, just above the boat tied to shore. I was in this tannery once as a kid. Let me tell you, you ain’t smelled ‘bad’ until you visit the guts of a tannery!!”

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  1. Probably taken somewhere near the west end of Walpole Street, looking north-west. Overlooking Main Street with the train station just out of frame on the right. The water tower that sat just west of the station is there.

  2. Jay Faulkner on

    I agree Greg.
    You can see my great great grandfather’s farm (John Bildson) up the narrows on the right. Established 1864 .

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