Wanda Lumley ~ candidate for election to Huntsville Council in the Stisted, Stephenson, Port Sydney ward


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Meet Wanda Lumley, a candidate for election to Huntsville Council in the Ward of Stisted, Stephenson, Port Sydney

Wanda Lumley

Hello Doppler Readers,

My name is Wanda Lumley and I am vying for your vote in the upcoming election. I am hoping to have the privilege of representing you in the Stisted, Stephenson and Port Sydney Wards. I was born and raised in Huntsville in a family of 15.  That was the perfect training ground for learning planning, sharing, and caring for others. Seems a natural fit to help meld the future of this great town.

My major objectives if elected:

  1. Everyone is in tune and cautious moving forward with what has happened with the funding for our hospital. Even though good news has come forward and promises made to look into that funding, I think everyone still has to be diligent in pressuring government for suitable funding. I have many colleagues that span the whole catchment area of our hospital due to the fact that I held the position of District Director for the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies representing the 16 fairs in District #11.
  2. In the past, I had the opportunity to attend a meeting of the Muskoka Safe Roads Campaign and was quite pleased to have my ideas well-received regarding the state of some of our roads here in Huntsville. I was also quite pleased that some of my suggestions have already been adopted. I have a bit of an insight on this particular subject since I work for a non-profit organization that provides transportation to seniors; I am one of the drivers for this organization and have probably driven on every road in the area.
  3. As well as providing transportation to seniors, I understand the need to expand transportation to the outlying areas such as Stisted, Stephenson and Port Sydney. I think it’s time to put these organizations that provide these services together and come up with a sustainable plan to provide to the residents of Huntsville.
  4. I have looked at the Town of Huntsville Accessibility Plan and although they have done an exceptional job, I believe that more education regarding the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act needs to happen with regards to expanding the education to user groups of Town of Huntsville facilities. My hat is off to the Muskoka Hornets for having developed their own policies regarding this and would hope that the Town strongly recommends every group using Town facilities develops a similar policy.

Elections are based on the skills candidates possess. I have been a certified judge for the Ontario Agricultural Societies and have recently become a certified instructor. The process for earning these credentials has been over 20 years of attending schools all over the province and I have enjoyed judging at all of the fairs including the Royal Winter Fair (which I hope to do again in the future). What does this have to do with being a good councillor? If anything, it definitely puts my own preferences aside; I’m able to assess all of the information gathered and make informed decisions with the district’s best interests in mind. Sitting on the Ontario Board of Directors for the Agricultural Societies was an extensive lesson in diplomacy. Fighting for one’s own district always comes first, but if the pending issue encompasses  more of a grandeur scale, for instance, a Provincial board, and the long-term effects benefit the district’s involved, then collaborating is necessary.

This easily translates to municipal affairs: wards represented come first, unless Huntsville as a whole would benefit – then that would be the priority. Having worked with various boards of directors I now have enjoyed being the President (or member) of the Huntsville and District Agricultural Society for the past 39 years. Again, to be a valued member you need to be able to listen and hear what people are saying and move forward with strategic planning. Over the years of the fair I have been a part of every project that has helped the Society become sustainable and have been very proud with what the society has contributed to the Town by way of the Community Gardens (48 plots), planting of apples trees, and financially contributing to other town initiatives or organizations like the Table Soup Kitchen, the Salvation Army and other charitable initiatives.

Thank you, Doppler for arranging the opportunity to introduce myself.

To quote a friend of mine, “Common sense is a skill,” and I think that is my greatest skill to offer and I would be honoured to represent these communities at council.

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  1. Wanda, kudos to your contributions to Agricultural Societies. One could interpret that your first bullet is for the Huntsville hospital option vs single site. Extrapolating further from your campaign bullets, that the betterment of the whole sometimes takes prescidence, so how does this fit with the hospital situation ? We now have a local two town recommendation, gained through a very expensive process for a very expensive 2 site “drip and ship” operation. How does this serve the whole of Muskoka Almaguin needs in the future when these 2 sites are not even close to the standard of an acute hospital model today? It would also be interesting to hear about your decision to run in Stephenson, Stisted, Port Sydney, instead of your last election run for Chaffey? These wards are probably very different.

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