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Wabora Come and See

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Huntsville is finally getting a Japanese restaurant!!

The grand opening of Huntsville’s newest restaurant, Wabora Come and See, is this Tuesday September 4.

Originally from Georgia, Cindy and Yong Lee have always had a passion for business and cooking. Yong’s sister is the owner of the Bracebridge Wabora. She is the person who originally encouraged the Lee’s to move to Canada to help her run her restaurant, which has been open in Bracebridge for 10 years.  Up until this past Spring, Yong worked as the head chef (first of the sushi bar and then of the kitchen) and Cindy managed the restaurant.

After working in the Bracebridge Wabora for over eight years, the Lee’s decided to branch off and open their own Japanese restaurant in Huntsville.

“We finally said, ‘Well … let’s open our own in Huntsville,” said Cindy. “We love the atmosphere here and people are always so nice.”

After having their business license for over three years, the Lee’s finally found the perfect spot to open their restaurant, right on Main Street in downtown Huntsville at 14 Main Street East  (beside Huntsville’s Hometown Drugstore).

The restaurant will be entirely run by the Lee family, including their son Josh. “We want to keep it authentic, small and simple,” said Cindy.

Wabora Come and See will have a full sushi and sashimi menu, but will not have a full kitchen. The lunch specials will include a sushi bento and roll bento.

However, they understand that sushi is not everyone’s forte so they will also have miso soup, various salads such as mango salad and seaweed salad, as well as rice bowls including spicy pork, curry, bulgogi beef, and more. Dessert will include green tea ice cream, ginger ice cream and tempura ice cream.

Cindy says that the liquor license is on its way and Wabora Come and See plans to serve various wine, beer and specialty Japanese green tea and ginger tea as well as soft drinks.

Situated at 14 Main Street East, Wabora Come and See will be open six days a week, 11 to 9, and closed Mondays. However, Sundays they will only be open for dinner.


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  1. That’s great news. We just had dinner in the Bracebridge restaurant and loved it! Thank you for coming to Huntsville. ❤️

  2. Karen Wehrstein on

    Actually Huntsville did have a sushi restaurant before — two of them in succession, actually, in the building on the northeast corner of Main/King William & Chaffey, that’s now Wimpy’s. Quick succession, alas — neither of them lasted. Best of luck to this new one under its new name. It’s in a much better location, so my fingers are crossed.

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