Two men arrested in connection with Clement’s sexting extortion case


It is being reported that two men were arrested last month by the Ivory Coast cybercrimes unit in connection with an attempt to blackmail Parry Sound-Muskoka MP Tony Clement for sexually explicit photos he sent them.

The men are said to have created fake profiles on Instagram and LinkedIn pretending to be a white woman named Brianna Dounia. They allegedly corresponded with Clement and a French citizen.

After acquiring explicit material from Clement they proceeded to blackmail Clement for 50,000 Euros, (about $75,000 Canadian dollars) and threatened to release the photos. Clement went public in November with the extortion attempt. He stepped away from some duties, particularly those requiring high level national security clearance.

Clement was eventually ousted from the Conservative caucus, after admitting to a pattern of inappropriate activity online.  He has remained low-key as an independent Member of Parliament representing this area, amidst calls for his resignation.

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  1. I do believe his career is over. I think he should resign, even though it will not affect his pension, and he will not suffer financially. I volunteer at the Y and his office has helped my ESL students over the years, even though most of them are not citizens yet, and can not vote. This scandal just shows incredible lack of judgement, something we should expect from our elected officials.

  2. Tony was elected as a Con to represent this riding with the backing of the Con party. That does not exist any longer so he should go or at least not stand during the next election.

  3. Kathryn Henderson on

    I agree Sandra. Total lack of judgement on Clement’s part. Being in the public like that he should have known better. I don’t think of it as he had a sickness which is an excuse but I think of it as perverted. If that’s his thing he should have used a lot more caution being in the government position he had. All the good he has done gets overshadowed. I’m actually getting tired of hearing about this. It is what it is. It’s done. We all know what kind of a man he is so let’s look at the up coming election instead. Have a great day.

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