TULLOCH Engineering first to sit at The Table Soup Kitchen’s Table of Twelve fundraiser



Brought to you by these community-minded organizations because they recognize that
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Main photo: Christine Tulloch appreciates the role of The Love Connection program, offered by The Table. It’s a program that helps meet people’s needs with birthday bags, occasion gifts, or household needs. It lets people know they are loved and valued, and gives practical help to families without fear of judgment. It’s just one of the many programs from The Table servicing the emotional and physical needs of our community.

The Table Soup Kitchen Foundation is thrilled to have TULLOCH Engineering be the first local business to take a seat at The Table of Twelve.

The Table of Twelve is The Table Soup Kitchen Foundation’s initiative aimed at securing reliable financial assistance to cover ongoing operational expenses for the Foundation’s services, programs, and more recently the men’s shelter.

The Tulloch family has connected with The Table in the past, filling Christmas stockings for the Love Connection program, providing food for the Soup Kitchen, and serving food alongside students.

“TULLOCH Engineering is delighted to come alongside The Table Foundation and help meet the very real needs of many members of our community with this financial contribution,” said Christine Tulloch. “Over the years of volunteering, we have come to realize that – in addition to assisting with acute, short term needs such as housing and food – The Table Foundation importantly addresses systemic issues such as poverty and homelessness as experienced by the whole of our community. That is why we’re at The Table of Twelve today.”

The Table of Twelve campaign is seeking eleven more Muskoka businesses to partner with. “We’re reaching out to boardrooms across Muskoka,” said Heather Berg, President, The Table Soup Kitchen Foundation. “Creating strong and sturdy financial partnerships with local community business owners will be a game changer and will create an enormous impact on our local poverty, hunger, and homelessness.”

Each seat at The Table of Twelve comes with a request to donate $2,250 per month, for twelve months, for a total donation of $27,000.

“We understand it’s an enormous ask and we’re more than ready with an enormous amount of recognition and gratitude,” added Berg.

For more information about The Table of Twelve and the six programs it supports (Soup Kitchen, Food Bank, Men’s Shelter, Community Kitchen, Exchange Store and Love Connection), visit www.TheTableFoundation.ca.


  1. The Table would like to say a huge thank you to the Doppler for highlighting Tulloch Engineering, our first ‘Table of Twelve’ donor!! We are very grateful to the Tulloch family and staff for coming alongside us in our efforts to make a difference in the lives of some very wonderful people in our community.

  2. Congratulations to Tulloch engineering! I am wondering what our local grocery stores currently do with their “left over”, “imperfect looking” foods. Do they throw them out? Are they going to landfill sites? Ontario has a growing trend of grocery stores giving their ‘leftovers’ to places like The Table. I don’t see why this can’t be organized in Muskoka. Throwing perfectly good food into landfill sites is shameful. Does anyone know our local policies? Do we have any policies or programs like this? Perhaps we should.

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