Stop dumping shit you don’t want anymore at my kid’s bus stop ~ Jodie Dynes



Here’s a lesson on garbage and how to rid of it properly, cause you know … it’s 2019 and another summer is upon us.

I reside full time in Huntsville; a gorgeous-nature-in-our-backyard-to-enjoy kind of place to live. It is in no means a city, that’s for sure. As a rural resident, I pay for private road maintenance. The road is private so snowplowing and such is not provided by the Town. Because of the private road, we don’t receive curbside garbage pick-up, but that’s okay, the Town/District (still not positive as to who takes responsibility for this) provides Bear Proof Bagged Household Garbage Bins and Recycling Bins for us ‘rurals’. The bins are located on my way out the road and I dutifully take my garbage there, open the bin, put in the garbage and close the lid properly.

I state that last point because you can’t imagine how many people get that part wrong. It’s astounding actually, I mean there are illustrations and written instructions on how to place the garbage, and Canada has a very high literacy rate, so I’m guessing laziness or people really don’t give a shit, is the cause!

This spot is also the Town/Board approved bus stop for the children of the area. We understand where we live there are animals, and as a year-round community we are diligent in keeping the area clean as to not attract said animals. We get the odd bear, in fact I think he lives on the back of my property, but that’s cool. He can eat berries to his heart’s content back there. It’s when people leave tasty garbage out for him that he comes for visits.

I can imagine there are countless places like this scattered across Ontario and Canada, so there are many people who can relate. One day this past week when I drove home around 3 pm I came upon maybe eight or so big black garbage bags full of what I found out was fast food waste and containers (a lot of recyclables mixed in there too, but I can only be mad about one thing right now). The bins were stuffed with garbage as well. As I usually do, I investigated and dug through the offending and rudely placed debris to find a name, an address, anything that would disclose the owner of this trash.

I found gold! You usually do. People don’t really think about what they toss out after it’s gone. By way of a business name, and thanks to the trusty Google, I was able to obtain the cell number of the owner, whom I called and had come collect his waste. (On a nicer note, credit to the business owner as he was trying to do the right thing by hiring and paying dumping fees for someone to dispose of the waste. Sadly, he was the victim of a dirty scammer who took his money and illegally dumped the waste. When confronted by me about the situation he had it cleaned up and dealt with within the hour, so well done sir!)

This happened the next three days … so it’s an ongoing problem. The residents who need to use the bins now have nowhere to put their garbage and in inevitably it ends up outside the bins. This problem will only to be exacerbated when cottage season begins.

The various institutions around town don’t really want to take any responsibility or action on the situation, I’m sure they view us as pests, wasting their time and resources, crazy people mad about garbage, don’t we have better things to do? Jeez! The thing is, I do have better things to do, as do the other residents in my community, but nevertheless, we are out there cleaning up other people’s garbage. I have gloves in my car, as do my husband and daughter, so we can root through the garbage to find information about the offenders, and so we can clean it up, cause it’s nasty. I don’t like my own garbage, other people’s causes me to gag, so I am heaving the whole time. It’s kind of funny to see, but sad as well.

It’s always someone else’s responsibility. I hear that a lot. It’s a Town issue. Town says…, no ma’am. It’s a District issue. The police don’t want to come and look at our garbage. I guess if they don’t catch you doing it, it’s not their problem – just people “being lazy,” was a response I got.

So here’s the thing – just take your garbage to the dump people. It’s not that expensive. You can’t leave all that old, big, disgusting shit you don’t want anymore at my kids’ bus stop. It’s gotta stop. When we are acquiring all these things, we must stop and think about where it’s going to end up, and yeah, sometimes you gotta pay to get rid of it. Fact of life. We had no problem paying for it to begin with, so be a decent person and take responsibility for your stuff, especially the nasty, rotten, gross stuff that ends up strewn all over my neighbourhood.

Remember when we were kids (and I think this spans many generations, because it’s pretty basic) and we were taught about littering – don’t throw garbage on the ground, that kind of thing? Well, it still applies to your adult self. Don’t throw your garbage on the ground at my, or any other bin, when you should be taking it to the dump. This includes: construction waste, we see that all the time, all the stuff from the renovation you did. That is dump material for sure. The nasty garbage you have because you missed garbage day, or had too many bags – to the dump. All your spring clean-up materials, no thanks. Take it to the dump. And for the cottagers, if the bins are full at the end of the weekend, please take your garbage with you and drop it off at the dump.

Let’s just be better at these kinds of things. It’s an easy, doable thing. If you take money from people and say you are doing them a service and then drop the stuff at my bins, or in the bush, you are disgusting!

Jodie Dynes is a concerned, but albeit pissed-off, resident of Huntsville.

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  1. Karen Wehrstein on

    Can we please not Trumpify Doppler by having unaltered obscenities in stories, and especially headlines? The public discourse has coarsened enough! S**t or &@#$ would worked just fine.

      • Karen Wehrstein on

        Of course I did, that’s why I decried the s-word in both headline and story.
        I should have added, however, that I am sympathetic with the author’s plight, I think it’s good she spoke up about it and I agree 100% that something should be done and hope this article is effective despite the s-word (which makes it less effective imo) in getting something done.

    • I wouldn’t call it “obscene” as much as I would call it vulgar or coarse, Karen. But, I ask you, who are more vulgar and coarse than Trump’s political opposition? The more radical elements even throw human waste at Trump supporters in the States, but what has this to do with Trump anyway? Must he bear responsibility for everything that ails OUR society?

      However, be that as it may, I agree with you, Karen. If we expect our children to be civil, then we should be civil ourselves. While I am totally sympathetic with Jody’s plight, I would request that the Doppler’s editors respect the sensibilities of what I suspect are those of many readers.

      • Karen Wehrstein on

        Trump is the most vulgar excuse for a politician who has ever lived. He calls people names in his tweets like an eight-year-old shrieks them in the school yard. He attacks whole groups of people, e.g. calling all Mexicans rapists and criminals. He is doing his best to make racism and sexism socially acceptable again. He brags about how he can grab women by their lower private parts. I have not heard of any Trump supporters having feces thrown at them (source?) but I am aware of white domestic terrorists or would-be terrorists who openly state he inspired them. He has coarsened the entire public discourse in the USA. You need only follow the news in the USA. Wise Canadians do not want that here.

      • I agree, 100%…..a very frustrating situation to be sure but expressing it in crude and course terms is totally unnecessary and affects no change. Please edit this kind of language from your articles.

    • Brian Dallier on

      Get together with your fellow Neighbors to invest in a game camera and have it mounted somewhere that can take pictures of whoever’s dumping the garbage illegally. Make sure as well to put up a small sign saying garbage is being monitored. I think the cameras cost about $100 and if you don’t want to invest upon those I do believe they sell dummy cameras at the dollar store to make people think there is a camera there

  2. Frances Botham on

    Kudos to Jodie Dynes for taking the time to follow up and deal with this issue. Preservation of the environment is the resposibility of each of us. Many a time I’ve grumbled about businesses, particularly fast food places, that apparently dispose of trash in an inappropriate manner that presents an eyesore. I’ve done nothing. This article has motivated me to change that in the future. Well done!

  3. Looks like pitman bay? I was there yesterday and there was SHIT everywhere. Looked a lot like construction waste to me and a couple mattresses as per usual. Slobs. There’s an apartment building just past KC that’s almost as nasty with garbage everywhere too. People just don’t seem to care.

  4. Good girl!!! That was an excellent, well written, KIND rebuke!!! I think every person in Muskoka, every cottager & every transient tourist needs to read this & act accordingly!! Thank you for taking the time to write this Jodie! My husband thinks we need ‘Garbage Police’ who wear long black trench coats & will come to their door to threaten them!!!

  5. Don’t you just love our society.

    If one is civic minded and takes some of their limited personal time to voluntarily clean up the roadside junk accumulated over the winter then when you get to the disposal site with it they charge YOU to dump the stuff. A real incentive to try to make things better for sure.

    On the other hand, if you see something at the dump, something you could re-purpose into something useful and thus keep it out of the stream headed for burial for a little longer, you can’t have it (even if your willing to pay a reasonable fee for it).

    Now there is a carbon tax that is said to be “revenue neutral”, whatever that means. If it is indeed all refunded to the taxpayers then what did it accomplish? It won’t be “neutral” of course as there will be many hands held out to be paid to handle the collection, counting and refunding of this tax (read government yet again). It always seems to grow, no matter the program.

    So optimistically perhaps some of this revenue is somehow to help fund research and development of alternatives to burning a carbon based fuel.
    First our record of past success at this type of activity is dismal enough to qualify us all to join the dinosaurs but even when we have a technology that does help it is usually so twisted and taxed that it becomes unworkable quickly.

    For an example, I’m one of those who installed some solar electric panels some years back. Yes, they work. Yes they were very expensive to install then and the programs with what looked like high payment rates for the energy generated seemed like a good way to jump start this technology at the time. Turns out that large corporations grabbed most of this entire party and some even export the subsidies out of the country entirely but the original idea had some logical merit.

    So now, to continue to try to offset my business energy use, with cheaper solar panels available these days, I’d love to add more. I’d love to add what they call “net metering” in some circles so that I completely offset my energy use and become effectively carbon neutral at least for electricity. The technology is there, I’m ready and willing to do this at my cost, (no more subsidies needed). You’d think that the government would be overjoyed that I would want to do this as it will cost them nothing at all but you would be wrong!

    The tangle of rules, regulations, extraneous fees, permits and outright denial of a few simple accounting changes that would make this concept economically viable is the government response. So, to date no success on this idea. There is a virtually unlimited number of places where people just like me could spend their time, money and efforts to make real changes to really help the planet but we are denied this option by the very same government that says a “revenue neutral” carbon tax will save us???

    Could someone, somewhere explain this please? I can’t!

    • Frances Botham on

      You said it perfectly, Brian. On the topic of use of the landfill, that system needs to be revised and changed to encourage recycling and reduction. Our politicians need to pay attention to these issues now, before thousands of tons of more garbage, construction debris and every other cast off is buried and added to the destructive leachate into our waterways.
      Perhaps an analysis of waste disposal in countries that have advanced procedures should be studied so that we can become more innovative. Change needs to be made now.

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