Spring pothole repairs underway, Town asks for patience



A message from the Town of Huntsville

The Public Works Department at the Town of Huntsville would like to inform residents that road maintenance, including pothole repair is currently under way.

“As our crews continue to chip away at the ice on the roads and prepare for spring runoff, we ask for residents’ support and patience during our efforts to improve these conditions,” said Manager of Operations, Lee Ripenburg. “Spring is coming and while we are still dealing with the effects of winter, we have lots to prepare for spring conditions too.”

Public Works crews are currently working to:

  • Repair pot holes;
  • Remove ice from roads and snow from parking areas;
  • Grade the roads to remove ruts; and
  • Open up drainage ditches and clear catch basins.

Further information about seasonal road and sidewalk maintenance is available on www.huntsville.ca. Citizen inquiries or concerns are also encouraged by filling out the online Report a Road Inquiry Form at huntsville.ca/roadinquiry, or by calling our office at 705-789-1751, option 5 for roads.

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  1. Karen Wehrstein on

    Good, because the potholes in the roads in town are *terrible* — worst I’ve ever seen. I hope Public Works start with the one on northbound Brunel Rd. near Forbes Hill. First time I hit it, I thought my car got damaged. A lot of the manholes are now hazards. Something about this winter, maybe all the thaw-freezes swelling the ground?

  2. Anyone listening ? District Rd. 10 from Candytown to Brunel is a disaster and had the makings of that before winter set in . Very dangerous conditions for vehicles and humans…..Patience is a Virtue but doesn’t cover the costs of repairs !

  3. Chris Mathews on

    Employees were filling holes on Centre St S’s worst strip on Tues and on Wed they were as bad as ever. Obviously something is wrong with the way it is being finished, at least to my way of thinking. How much is it costing us when it will have to be redone?

  4. brian tapley on

    Considering the harsh and long winter and even though our poor old road out to Fox Point and Port Cunnington has been pretty awful during the later part of this winter I think we should all give a thanks to the local Lake of Bays road crews for their efforts. Not a perfect road but just imagine what it would be like without their efforts.
    I’m sure they will be out with their patching mix soon enough and until then we just have to drive a little slower. It is that time of year and it happens every year!

  5. J. R. Bruce Cassie on

    I’m with you, Brian. Fixing potholes is a challenging and often thankless ritual for the Roads Department. Having retired to Huntsville fifteen year ago , I have learned to appreciate the gradual but consistent upgrading of all our roads. We are not alone when it comes to potholes caused by weather, dated road bases and complicated drainage patterns. Perhaps the good news is found in a recent pothole invention that can be viewed at: https://www.google.ca/search?q=pot+hole+truck&ie=&oe=
    I can hardly wait!

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