Snoop Dogg concert-goers left standing in the rain for hours



Many of the people who attended the Snoop Dogg concert held at the Canada Summit Centre over the May long weekend are saying they did not receive the experience they paid for and they are looking to the event planner, Cabin Media, for an apology, an explanation and compensation.

Attendees took to social media almost immediately after the concert ended to complain about a litany of organizational problems, the worst of which left them standing in the rain for hours, thereby missing a lot of the concert.

A Facebook group called #boycottcabinmedia was formed after the Huntsville concert when attendees became frustrated by Cabin Media’s lack of response to emails, Facebook posts and messages. The Facebook group blames Cabin Media for what they are calling gross mismanagement.

Danielle Ledo is a member of the #boycottcabinmedia Facebook group. She is from Mount Forest, Ontario. When tickets went on sale she bought two VIP floor tickets for $180 each. It’s a 2.5-hour drive from Mount Forest but she and her partner arrived before 5 p.m. to claim a good spot in line so they could get close to the stage when the doors opened. Cabin Media had advertised that doors would open at 6 p.m., that the concert would start at 7 and it that would end at 11:30.

However, the doors did not open at six. Six o’clock came and went. So did seven o’clock. A long line of people were still standing outside in the wind and rain when the first opening act took the stage. Ledo says they were told the floor wasn’t ready. “People who were inside already were saying that there was still a forklift on the floor at 7:30 moving stuff around in front of the stage while the artists were performing.”

Ledo says they finally got inside at 7:30 and it was utter chaos. “The security was a mess,” she says. “We could have just walked by the security if you weren’t honest. We did go through security but they told us we still couldn’t get in, that the floor still wasn’t ready.”

Ledo says they were finally allowed onto the floor just before 8 p.m. They had already missed the opening acts but she was trying to make the most of a bad situation. “I thought, okay, stuff happens and it sucks but the concert is supposed to go on until 11:30 and I’m here for Snoop Dogg anyway so, okay. Then, at 9:30, all of a sudden all the lights came on and that was it. It was over.”

Ledo says she couldn’t believe it. They had driven all the way from Mount Forest, stood in line in the wind and rain for almost three hours, spent $360 on VIP tickets and another $200 on a hotel, and did not get what they were promised. She took to social media and started posting comments and messages on Cabin Media’s Facebook page, hoping to get an apology and compensation. Ledo says the company was totally unresponsive to the Huntsville audience. “I noticed comments being hidden and being deleted. I wrote them a message. They haven’t responded. I emailed a couple of times saying, you guys didn’t give us what we paid for and I think you should compensate the people who missed the whole first act. They didn’t respond.”

Huntsville’s Janet Markham bought six tickets for the concert, saying that having Snoop Dogg in Huntsville “was a super unique experience” that she was not going to miss.

Markham says her group arrived at the concert twice. The first time they arrived was at 6:45 p.m. There was a huge line up and it was pouring rain. “We drove through the high school parking lot and turned around and went back home because we thought there was obviously going to be a delayed start because people weren’t even inside yet.”

When they came back at 7:30 there was still a line up. They endured the line, the lack of signage, the lack communication and finally made it to their seats under the misconception that the concert hadn’t yet started since so many were still waiting to come in. “There was nothing going on so we thought, okay cool. Obviously they are waiting to start the show because there are still people outside.”

They were confused when Snoop Dogg came on stage, wondering if he was there to warm up the audience. However, he stayed on stage and then a little over an hour later the lights came on. “The lights instantly went on,” Markham says. “We all thought it was a joke. We were like, is this a joke? What’s going on? And then they were clearing people out. There was no encore. He played for about an hour and it was over. And we thought, what just happened?” It was then that they discovered that they had missed the first half of the show and that it had indeed started at 7 p.m. while many were still waiting in line.

Markham says she checked the Snoop Dogg Facebook event page the next morning and found over 100 comments from people saying how disappointed they were and calling out Cabin Media for the mess and for not responding to comments.

Cabin Media did eventually post a statement.

Markham saw it go up. “I saw it within minutes of it going up and I just watched my phone,” she says. “It was ding, ding, ding. Everyone was saying, that’s not much of an apology. What are you going to do about it?” And then, Markham says, about an hour later the entire post was deleted.

I feel really badly for people coming from out of town. It doesn’t look good on our town and yet it doesn’t have anything to do with our town. I wonder if people understand that?  I have seen many performances in the Summit Centre that have been outstanding so it’s definitely possible to run a good show.
Janet Markham, attendee

Cabin Media provided the following written statement to Huntsville Doppler:

“Snoop Dogg played at two venues promoted by Cabin Media over the May Long weekend. Friday night, Sudbury had a 4,000 person sellout crowd and was an outstanding success.  We also held a concert in Huntsville on Sunday night.  This concert was the first of its size to be held at the Canada Summit Centre.

“Unfortunately, it did not go as smoothly as everyone had expected, due to some issues outside of Cabin Media’s control.   We would like to thank the town of Huntsville for their great support and beautiful venue. We enjoy holding concerts in these venues and will continue to focus our efforts on delivering A-class entertainment.

“For our supporters, we know that you expect a premium concert experience and that is what we strive to deliver.  We know the concert on Sunday night did not meet all of your expectations and we ensure that future concerts deliver the experience you deserve.   We will learn from this experience and take steps to enhance future show.

“Cabin Media has been operating for over eight years in Ontario and promotes over 50 concerts a year.  Over 75,000 people a year attend amazing concerts and shows put on by Cabin Media.  We work with some world-class artists including Wu-Tang Clan, Akon, Sean Pal, Blue Rodeo and Sum 41.

“There were some ticket holders who had tickets closest to the stage. They were let into the venue last due to the location of their tickets.  There was a delay in entrance for some customers and we can absolutely understand why this would cause frustration.

“We look forward to continuing to bring great artists to concert-goers in Ontario.”

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  1. Still completely unacceptable response from Cabin Media. We were not in the VIP area and members of our group missed all of the opening acts plus beginning of Snoop Dogg because they were stuck outside in the line up. Complete unmitigated disaster.

  2. Trista Ellis on

    I wish I could attach pictures and further evidence here to support how utterly unprofessional this company (cabin media) is! BUYER BEWARE! To the Doppler, Hats off to you for covering this story! We can only hope the company comes good for this awful experience.

  3. Hilary Forbus on

    I took the picture posted here: this was at nearly 6:30 PM. Doors were stated to be open at 6. After dealing with drunk pickpockets in line, I got in at 8:20 – barely in time for Snoop. We deserve compensation, especially those that drove hours to get here and paid for hotels. Totally unprofessional. We can’t let people with money get away with this.

  4. Lauralee Burke on

    The whole thing was a joke. A total lack of accountability which undoubtedly will result in a loss of trust by artists, concert goers and venues alike.

    • Jackie Groomes on

      Finally a media outlet has allowed us to voice our disappointment. I bought 8 bowl tix. 2 pit tix..didnt get in the pit til 830….stood in the rain from 615 til 8. I feel disrespected and taken advantage of. We paid the same amount for our tickets as the people in Sudbury and the people in Toronto did and feel we deserved the same quality show as everyone else. I worked damn hard for the money to buy those tix and I feel totally ripped off.

  5. Sean Sturgeon on

    We were lucky that we bought seated tickets at the cheapest price and they let us in first at Bout 7pm. There was no sign or anything saying that you had to buy tickets for drinks. So after standing in line for a drink with cash in hand. Was told we had to go elsewhere to stand in another line to get tickets for drinks then to come stand back at the end of the drink line again. After getting drinks we got to watch the whole show (not even 2 hours.) We were walking out the doors at 940pm our friends that paid a lot more money for vip pit tickets were still soaking wet outside and cold when Mercules was done. Half way through merc they decided to bring forklifts out through the croud of people that had floor tickets with fencing and then decided to move the fence back pushing people back (during concert with people dancing and drinking) gladly no one was run over by forklift. Once Snoop started about 830pm they started letting people into the pit (front stage vip tickets) some people did not get a half hour show. I thought there would be riots when we left. (I held my girl close) good thing we live in a civilized good town. Shame on you cabin media. And i would like to know what happened “beyond there control” it was fast getting searched by the cops. The slow part was two (cabin media)people checking tickets.

    • Trista Ellis on

      I have actual video footage of this! This should be a freaking law suit — I can’t believe he’s got away with it this far!

      • Jeff Pearson on

        i Personally enjoyed the show! There are multiple entrances into the arena. Why was everyone was funnelled thru one door? With proper organization everybody could have been in for the entire show. There was virtually no security, no information provided by the company in charge of working the event. Once inside I asked a usher … where I could find a drink? She responded with I haven’t a clue? I also stood in line to purchase a drink for 20 mins and when I got to the front of the line I was told I had to buy drink tickets in another line!! 20 mins in one line and 20 mins in the drink ticket line? By that time the show would have been over. I gave up on getting a drink as it was just going to take too much time and I would have missed more then half of snoops performance. It seemed like the whole event was winged. Cabin media should be ashamed of themselves. Obviously there is zero accountability here. Many of my friends didn’t get in until after 830 and by that time the people working the gate were just handing out wristbands to get people in regardless of what type of ticket they had purchased. Ask anybody who was there for the show that night and they will tell you it was a complete gong show. Everybody that attended paid a premium to be there for the show and ended up standing outside in the rain pretty much all night and went home disappointed at 930-940

  6. Rob Saunders on

    The Huntsville Festival presented Blue Rodeo in 2010 and Chris Hadfield in 2014 to similar size crowds so the excuse that the venue hasn’t held sizable events is a copout. Those events went off without a hitch

    • A Hole In One Rob …Haven’t heard any positive feedback on this one ! Hope they brought bags to clean up the “Scoop ” !

  7. Brian Tapley on

    I always wonder with these things…..
    If the person is sort of super special and you actually have an opportunity to meet them, or if it is something like a speech on a topic of interest… well I suppose this is all worth it.
    But… for music or even most sports events, I sort of wonder why one would actually want to go to an event like this?
    There are the trials of getting expensive tickets primarily to enrich the promoters, the braving of traffic and parking just to get to the site.
    Then, if the event is held further from home, the cost of travel and accommodation and food.
    These days one has to worry about terrorist activities that seem to follow anywhere a large group of people congregate as well.
    Last, if it is a music type event, holding them in a place like an arena usually puts them into a place with horrible acoustic properties, hard seats and if it is a sports even and you are “up in the greys” you can’t see the action very well anyway.
    For sports, one can go to a local sports bar if you want to go out with friends and get some fatty food or drinks without messing up your living room, or you can just stay home with your 205 inch mega TV to see the action. (you can buy such a TV with the savings from not going to maybe 3 or 4 rock concerts)
    The sound will be better than any live show in any arena, especially at home where you probably have a nice stereo output and for sports you get instant replay.
    In any case you can record the event it to watch at your convenience and heck, they even show you what you should be looking at with nice little fluorescent pointers and highlighted balls or pucks!
    With what you save on the travel and tickets you can have any munchie item you like and if you like to drink you don’t have to worry about designated drivers. Same for Pot I suppose if you are disposed that way.
    Last, you save all the world destroying carbon emissions (depends here who you listen to a bit) involved in moving your body to and from the event.
    So I still wonder why?

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