Riverside Park being used as a staging area for construction along King William



Contrary to concerns expressed by some community residents, Riverside Park, the parkette between the swing bridge and the commercial plaza containing the Tim Hortons on Main Street East, is not being turned into a parking lot.

“Part of it has to be dug up to replace pipes,” noted Huntsville Mayor Scott Aitchison when contacted by Doppler. “And they [contractor J.B. Enterprises]have to restore the park to its original splendour when they’re done.”

The parkette is also being used as a staging area for the repair to underground water, sewer, and stormwater infrastructure in the area.

A sidewalk will also be added to the north side of King William Street, across from the Tim Hortons plaza. Unfortunately, the garden on King William between Fairy Avenue and Church Street will be removed to facilitate the sidewalk, said Aitchison.

“They’re ripping out all the gardens there because they’re shifting the street over a bit so they can put a sidewalk out in front of where The Nest is,” he said. “So the flowers and the rocks, etc. will be gone but the little grass boulevard will still be there. So there’s a shift there which is a little unfortunate but we need a sidewalk on the other side, there’s so much traffic on King William Street.”

There were plans to put up guardrails to divide the new sidewalk from the King William Street traffic but many councillors, including Aitchison, have expressed concern with that idea. Aitchison said he thinks it will look unsightly and ultimately rust. “We’ll keep involved in it all the way through,” he said of the municipality’s role in the project.

Huntsville’s main thoroughfare will be more congested than usual so residents are being asked to expect delays and pack their patience. Phase One of the project will extend from the bridge to Chaffey Street.

You can find more information about the project here.

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  1. Huntsville has such a large population now which makes for unwanted road and street construction but it is vital. Of course summer is the only time to do it with winters the way they are up there.

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