Putting people first: local couple brings a personal touch to home health care supplies



For Lisa and Grant Wager, it’s about the people. They serve their community, after all, and they want to be sure the people they meet every day are taken care of.

She owns Muskoka North Health Care Supplies, he’s a Rehab Consultant with Superior Home Health Care. Lisa likes to tell the story of how they met: Grant came to her home with a new wheelchair for her son, Josh. They’ve been together 18 years now. And they share a passion for what they do.

“We have to do what we see is right for our community,” says Lisa, and a compassionate, caring approach is key to that. Empathy, too. “We have aging parents. My dad has mobility issues and my mom has dementia. Grant’s mom has health issues. Josh is in a wheelchair. We personally understand how health concerns impact people’s lives.”

That’s why they both work hard to make things as easy for their clients, who often become friends, as they can.

Lisa offers a mobile service, bringing a wide range of health care supplies to people’s homes and the knowledge that comes from almost 30 years of home health care experience along with it—she began her business four years ago after working in the industry for 25 years. Without a storefront she can keep her prices down and being mobile means that she can meet people in an environment that is comfortable for them, and that clients who have trouble getting around, especially in poor weather, don’t have to travel to get the supplies they need. She offers free consultations and delivers supplies direct to their home, either personally or using Purolator.

“They love it that I can come to them, they love that I keep the prices down to make it affordable and they love that I have the knowledge. And if I don’t know the answer, I find it out. I have a lot of resources in my back pocket that I pull from,” says Lisa. “I think they like the personal touch. It’s not like going to a big box store and buying something off the shelf. And I do a lot of follow up calls just to see how they’re doing.” It’s no surprise that she has many repeat customers, and has become so busy that she recently began training someone to help her serve clients north of Muskoka.

She and Grant often have the same clients. He has been in the business for 36 years, providing advice and equipment to make home and work environments safer and to help his clients be more mobile. That includes everything from walkers, wheelchairs and scooters to home and vehicle modifications.

He doesn’t charge for an initial walk-through to offer suggestions that would make a home environment safer. “It takes five minutes of my time,” he says, and it can be an eye-opener for his clients.

And he understands the expense involved—sometimes unexpected—and helps clients when he can to find more affordable solutions for their medical equipment.

“We have people who have no money and they need equipment. We’ll look around and we’ll find something suitable, and we’ll make sure it’s safe,” he says. “There might be a cost to us but it’s minimal…it makes you feel good. We have to sleep at night.”

The pair also donate to local charities. Lisa matches donations made by her clients dollar for dollar. She has given the funds to Fairvern, to the Salvation Army, and for the last two years to the Alzheimer’s Society. “My mom has dementia and the society was there for me. They do really good support groups and caregiver support,” she says. “We try to give back to the community that supports us.”


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  1. Elaine McLellan on

    Two of the Finest People. A Pleasure to Know…A Pleasure to work with! Keep up the Awesome Customer Service and Hugs to your FURKIDS .

  2. Lisa has been my ostomy supplier for since I had my first surgery 2 years ago. She does offer what she describes so well in her own words, in the article above. She has a lot of experience and an amazingly large back pocket and is very persistent in finding answers for difficult problems. Frankly, I don’t know what I would do without her service and expertise. She also is lots of fun and we laugh a lot.
    Thank you Lisa.

  3. Paul Clayson on

    Lisa has done a lot to make the first year after my ileostomy much easier for my wife and me. She is also a big presence at the monthly ostomy support group meetings. We are very lucky to have her and her husband in our community’

  4. Well, such a great article. I met both last year as I needed grab bars for my safety which Grant installed & later purchased circaud Velcro stockings which were measured by Lisa & ordered.
    Both very caring individuals.

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