Our Town with Grant Nickalls: That’s garbage!


Each week, Huntsville’s own Grant Nickalls will inspire us, entertain us, make us laugh or perhaps cry, but always he will remind us why Huntsville is the best place on earth to call home.

This week in Our Town, a Grant rant about people who think their garbage is someone else’s problem.

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1 Comment

  1. Right on Grant!
    Each spring I clean about a mile of road, why?, just because I don’t like looking at the litter and I don’t think it reflects well on our area to visitors.
    Like Grant, I do this for free. I use my bags, my truck and my and some friends time to do this.
    For this, the District “rewards me” by charging me a fee to dump the garbage in the dump! Remember, it is not only not my garbage, but it came off a District road allowance so it is not even off my property.
    This is, as Grant says, “our town”.

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