OMB rules in favour of Jarlette Health Services on height of Muskoka Landing expansion


The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) decision regarding the expansion of Muskoka Landing is in.

Jarlette Health Services has been granted the 15 metre height exemption it requested, after planning committee and council turned the height request down in March 2017.

The issue was heard by OMB Member Thomas Hodgins on November 27, 2017 and a decision was rendered on March 5, 2018.

In his decision Hodgins ordered the Town of Huntsville to allow Muskoka Landing to construct a building expansion of up to 15 m in height (instead of the 12 m planning committee was willing to accept) as well as a proposed dock projection limit of eight metres for a dock in the Rogers Cove basin.

“In making its decision, the Board has had regard to matters of Provincial interest and notes that the buffers and setbacks are designed to protect the lake and fish habitat, the redevelopment involves an underutilized serviced property in an area intended for growth and that housing for seniors and jobs will be created in a well-designed project,” stated Hodgins.

You can find the full report here.

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  1. When Town Staff twice recommended the proposal, any applicant that is turned down at Council is taking it to the OMB….and is plain and simple going to win. Council needs to either guide Planning policy moving forward for change. It cannot go against its own professional staff who are required by code of ethics to provide sound planning advice on applications. In this case, no brainer. Waste of taxpayer funds paying for lawyers and outside planners to fight your own Staff.

  2. It is unfortunate that the OMB , a bunch of Provincial appointees , are allowed to overturn decisions made by municipally Elected Officials.These people , who most often live nowhere near the place they rule on and don’t consider the visioning of the Council should be at best advisory .There was talk of this Board being more considerate of local authority but this has not happened… Another failure of our current Provincial Governing Incompetents !

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