New Tim Hortons proposed beside Shoppers Drug Mart on King William



There may be a coffee war brewing on Huntsville’s King William Street with a new Tim Hortons proposed in close proximity to a Starbucks.

Huntsville’s planning committee has approved a 110.5m² addition, which will house a Tim Hortons, to be located on the southeast side of the existing 167m² commercial building at 59 King William Street. The property contains five gas pumps, a car wash, and a convenience store.

The 2,873m² property has 45 metres of frontage on King Wiliam Street and 68m of frontage on Scott Street and the applicant, Larry Greenwood, is proposing to add an extension to the building, which would house a Tim Hortons ‘kiosk’ with very little, if any, seating, Huntsville’s Development Services Committee heard at its September 19, 2019 meeting.

“I can’t imagine, with the amount of Tim Hortons stores in this town, that anybody would literally go to that store without getting gas first, so we really didn’t think that there’d be too much of an impact,” said Greenwood, adding that most of the traffic uses Scott Street rather than King William, which is primarily used by vehicles exiting the car wash. “It is a little bit ludicrous that we could literally build a 1,500 square foot building today, but we can’t build a 1,200 square foot [addition],” he said, referring to a letter from the District asking for the matter to be deferred to give District staff more time to analyze the application.

Greenwood told the committee that a smaller building would have less impact. “I mean if we don’t want to do this then I’ll just go back to the drawing board with our original 1,500 [square foot building]that we did, and start building that this fall,” he said. Greenwood indicated at the meeting that there are plans to close down the Tim Hortons location on Main Street.

Councillor Jonathan Wiebe asked about parking. Greenwood said it is not anticipated that people will go in and sit down. “That’s not what we want at all. We have a lot of parking and as a matter of fact, we own the two lots beside it and so there’d be lots of [room for]snow removal … and some staff parking.” Greenwood said that there’s a house on one of those lots but there’s “no desire, at this present time, to do anything on that [vacant]lot.”

In the end, and because there are planning approvals already in place for a 1,500 square foot stand-alone building, the committee approved the site plan with many of its members noting that what’s now being proposed is a smaller attached building.

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  1. So, the empty lot will continue to be an eyesore/dump. Will the sketchy behaviour associated with the current small Tim’s plaza move over to the new Tim’s where there is a large secluded woodlot already hosting iffy activities? Doesn’t sound like much of an improvement for the neighbouring residential area. Perhaps there could be more attention paid to what is planned for those two lots so a proactive approach be taken, and not wait for a kneejerk reaction.

    • I just hope the town has given serious consideration to the additional traffic on Scott Street and access onto King William. People already drive out of the Shoppers parking lot onto Scott Street without seeing the stop sign and watching for oncoming traffic. Since the redesign of the Petro Canada station it has become even worse as there isn’t a designated driveway or even any directional signage. As a Meadow Park resident, who daily has to watch for these negligent drivers, getting out of our neighbour will only become more hazardous.

    • Or an Arby’s would be great! Still, why build any fast food establishment so close to a main thoroughfare of the town? As long as it is visible from a distance, off the main route would certainly solve a lot of traffic hassles. Examples of this are Tim’s on Highway 60 and on Capstone Rd near Home Depot, Harvey’s on Hanes Rd, McDonalds in Walmart, etc. Each one soon builds up a clientele of “regulars” and word of mouth from locals enhances their popularity.

  2. A 3rd Tim Hortons is ridiculous! Why not add a real coffee shop? A startup by locals to create new local business, perhaps with locally roasted coffee to encourage growth of our local economy rather than sending all our funds to the conglomerate RBI (owners of Tim Hortons, Burger King, Taco Bell, etc.) only to see half of it go to their out of country subsidiaries???

  3. I commented from the get-go; at the time of the Shoppers’ relocation that the traffic pattern was bad. and would only get worse. I suggested a right-in/right-out on King William St., and extending Meadow Park Dr. to meet the entrance which comes out at the Metro traffic signals. Both the Shoppers’ Drug Mart and the gas station would share a one-way entrance to the Meadow Park Dr. extension; and this portion of Scott St. would be closed.
    Now, it makes more sense to keep the Scott St. intersection with King William St. as a right-in entrance to the gas station. No egress should be allowed to King William St.: rather it would be to Meadow Park Dr., as suggested previously.
    The argument about competition between Tim Horton’s and Starbucks is ludicrous. They are totally different animals. The former is a discount, family restaurant; the latter, an over-priced, elite establishment. And both may be hampered by interference with their gas pump lineups anyway.

    • Well put Rob, with a bit of creativity the traffic issues could be mitigated. And they definitely attract completely different clientele.

      Also I would like to point out that we currently have at least 4 Tim Horton’s and there was also one in the mall which closed.

      There have been rumours of the downtown Tim’s location closing since our newest Tim’s opened by Home Depot.

      Also, in addition to the locally owned coffee shop Seven Main, and the Good Food Coop Cafe, there is a new locally owned coffee shop already on Main Street, it is called Cabin and it is part of Living Wood.

  4. No, no! Not another Timmy’s. I am informed that It would be owned by the same person who already has the franchise for all the other Timmy,s in Huntsville. The proposed location is far from ideal and as the other Timmy locations start to run out of food after 7pm it will hardly be an asset to the town. If we really do need another fast food establishment, how about a Popeyes or some other competition to keep all the other Timmy’s and fast food outlets on their toes!

    • I understand 2 choices : 1, 500 sq ft (stand alone) or 1,200 sq ft ( addition…
      It’s not much room?
      I agree it would be it would be we great if someone local started up.
      However the choice are 2! Just my opinion I would go for the addition. As I think it would be less damaging to the environment??? (It’s up to the town to check the traffic!)

  5. While the town is rebuilding the King William Street could they maybe look at their stop lights.
    1-Start with the one at Wimpy’s… it really serves only one side, not a proper cross street.
    2- Then the one at Cavalcade which serves maybe the Mc. D drive through?
    3- The one by the Capstone market that serves essentially only Metro and the Mall as there is nothing on the other side.
    4- The stapes/CTC light This one again only served one side but now with a new gas bar etc the jury will remain out on this for a bit.

    Meanwhile we have Scott street, too close to the existing light but with no light.

    There are too many lights that serve underused roads here. It is a very busy stretch or road.
    This road needs to be either 4 lane all the way or at least 3 lane with a turn lane all the way and at least one set of lights needs to be take out and the remaining ones relocated to a better layout. Yes the side streets need to be re-aligned to make this work but in the overall scheme of things is this really such a difficult issue? We have the opportunity now to actually make this road work better for the future instead of just leaving it as an expensive rebuild of something that barely works the way it is now.

    While your at the fixing, a proper intersection that goes both ways for John Street would be a nice touch. I remember when the bridge, that famous metal object, was painted for years as a three lane section so that John street could have a turning lane. I guess cars are bigger now and that bridge has only been painted as a two lane now for many years. Three would be better here, allowing a longer turn lane for Brunel and the addition of a turn lane for John… both improvements.

    Some food for thought for the planners unless they are, for some crazy reason, stuck on the current mess and wish to perpetuate it.

    If they wanted to improve things out highway 60, take away one of the lights at Grandview/Deerhurst. I have not seen so much rubber layed on the road as the intersection for Deerhurst in a long time. This, plus the facts that this intersection is on a curve and that both of them seem to have somewhat confusing lighting layouts (at least I see people confused) tells me that this is a lousy layout for a safe intersection. If they could find a way to make do with one intersection only, located where the Grandview one is now, it would be an order of magnitude better.

    I see we now have gates on all the ramps leading to highway 11 in the town area. I guess this will make it easier to close it for accidents. Maybe a good idea? Better not to have the accidents in the first place though.

    This mess should not be rocket science guys…..

    • You cannot remove the traffic lights at Deerhurst Rd. I go by this intersection 4 times a day and there are almost always cars waiting to get out. Can you imagine the huge lineup of cars that would form if there was no traffic light there? I remember a time before the lights & I’ve seen & been in these lineups. Removing them is not a good idea.
      As for King William, I agree now is the time for a reconfiguration of the intersections. The traffic leaving Huntsville at the end of a day is just as deadlocked as Toronto streets and the intersection of Scott Street should be addressed. It’s too bad that something can’t be done across from Metro to feed Meadow Park.
      The intersection at McDonald’s also feeds Meadow Park. The best way to turn left coming out. Those lights need to stay.

  6. J. R. Bruce Cassie on

    I am very impressed with the range, creativity and intelligence of the ideas that Doppler has triggered regarding current and anticipated traffic flow in Huntsville. Here is my proposal: let the Town of Huntsville convene a committee of three and have Brian Tapley, Robin Brushey and Rob Millman develop a Master Plan for reconfiguring Huntsville’s traffic flow from Centre Street to Highway #60. Their “resident intelligence” and commitment to our “Town” may save us from the increasing gridlock that threatens the beautiful central core.


      I wonder how many of these people with ideas actually live near these intersections, maybe consult with some one closer to the problem.

      • Robert Macdonald you make a good point. Some of the ideas re traffic light relocations are clearly not made by “townies” who have to regularly access main streets.
        Whatever happened to the idea of shifting Scott street to line up with the entrance to the mall? As someone who lives in the affected area, the current empty lot is just a neglected eyesore at the entrance to a quiet neighbourhood. Someone suggested streaming more traffic onto Meadow Park but that just creates more havock for the neighbourhood and endangers children being picked up by the school buses in the area just to accommodate a retailer? I suggest that the town planners and traffic experts consult with the residents and come up with a plan. If the derelict lot on Scott street is just consolidated into the Petro/Tim’s property and the whole of Scott street closed to vehicular traffic, people in the neighbourhood will have entry/exit access via Cliff and entry via Helen/Sunrise (or make sunrise a two way road instead of one way) That way the commercial/retail access is strictly via the main streets and the residential area will benefit immensely. So, yes, get some experts to weight in and also consult the actual residents.

  7. Actually Matt, this will be a fourth Tim Hortons in Huntsville, and it is just a relocation of the existing one on main street. As a francise location, we have a local owner and he employees many local residents, not all profits leave the area.

    A startup would be great, and competition always helps consumers.

  8. Wayne Sinclair on

    There is no doubt in my mind that Larry would like nothing more than a Tim Hortons sign visible from the location of the new StarBucks but if the man meets all the legal requirements to put in a fourth location then it’s a done deal in a free enterprise democracy. I too would like to see more diversity when it comes to our abundance of coffee shops but it is what it is as they say. Oh, and next time you see Mr. Tim Horton’s give him a pat on the back for bringing your favourite coffee venue to town in the early eighties, that would be nice.

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