Miller says if gender identity motion returns he will, again, vote against it



Statement by MPP Norm Miller on motion regarding gender identity

I was surprised when this motion was moved from the floor at the end of the policy session at the PC convention. I voted against the motion and, should it be debated at next year’s policy conference, I will again vote against it.

Our Government has been clear that this motion does not constitute government policy and will not become part of our legislative agenda. Asked during question period on Monday whether it would become government policy, Education Minister Lisa Thompson told the Legislature “The resolution from the weekend does not pertain to, nor is binding on, government policy. The answer is no.”

Later that same day Premier Doug Ford repeated that this resolution would not become government policy and said he would explore every option as Leader of the PC Party to prevent this resolution from moving forward within the Party’s policy process.

Last weekend approximately 2,000 PC Party members attended the convention where they could attend a policy meeting to vote on a number of policy resolutions that had been approved by a policy committee made up of MPPs and Party members. This particular idea had been rejected by the policy committee but was brought forward at the end of the policy session as a motion from the floor. The motions from the floor were passed only as debate items for next year’s policy conference. These motions were not passed as party policy.

In determining the government’s education policy we are consulting with all Ontarians about our education system. If you wish to share your thoughts about our school system including about improving student performance in science, technology, engineering and math; preparing students with needed job skills; improving standardized testing; ensuring students graduate with life skills like financial literacy; managing technology like cell phones in the classroom; and developing an age-appropriate health and physical education curriculum, then please visit to take part in a survey or sign up for a telephone town hall. Consultations will continue until December 15.

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  1. With respect, three (3) weeks of consultation; especially within the holiday season; is a ridiculously short period for us, as parents or concerned adults, to provide input on the most important issue of our time. The environment, climate change, fuel shortages, institutional racism, hate crimes, etc.? Who is going to be faced with dealing with all these issues? And that’s worth 3 weeks to the buck-a-beer/no Child Advocate/no Environment Commissioner/no French Services Commissioner Tories? This party which has represented us proudly for many years (not as the natural governing party, as with the federal Liberals) but for significant intervals, e.g. Bill Davis, has loosed its moorings, and is significantly adrift.

    • It’s called a fiscal irresponsibility by the previous governing party which left a millstone of ever increasing debt for my Children and Grandchildren to bare. Yes some services will suffer no doubt , but the dollars being spent now to service the billions of dollars we owe as a Province , could be better used to pay for needed programs in future .

  2. Karen Wehrstein on

    Thank you, Mr Miller, for the explanation of what exactly this transphobic proposal was in the context of party/government procedure, and good for you and other Tories for rejecting (so far) an initiative that has no benefit and could indirectly cause severe harm.

  3. I am relieved that Mr Miller has made it clear that he doesn’t support this mean-spirited motion on gender identity. Thank you Mr Miller. In view of the appalling statistics on trans youth depression and suicide, it bewilders me that such a suggestion can even be tabled.

  4. Be who you want to be and do what you want to do without fear of bullying or abuse of any kind for sure; but there are some disturbing statistics that need to be considered when legislating bill C-16. The majority of transgender youth change their minds before age 25 and revert to their biological or gender assigned at birth. The lifetime suicide rate for transgender people is 40 % ( Does Bill C-16 make the situation better or worse? I’m not sure that encouraging their dysphoria is the right answer.

  5. Colin Matthew, President, OSSTF District 15 on

    On behalf of OSSTF District 15 and the students we teach, I want to thank Mr. Miller for responding and helping ensure a safe and caring environment for all students.

    Thanks to the Doppler staff for putting the spotlight on the issue.

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