Jason FitzGerald ~ candidate for election to Huntsville Council in the Stisted, Stephenson, Port Sydney ward


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Meet Jason FitzGerald, a candidate for election to Huntsville Council in the Ward of Stisted, Stephenson, Port Sydney

Jason FitzGerald

I am thankful I had the opportunity to serve as your councillor for the past four years.

We have worked hard to create a cohesive and respectful council.

Looking forward to another term on council, I would like to continue with our increased capital spending on roads, bridges and ditching. We have a long way to go on our roads and it is the most frequent issue constituents contact me to discuss. I would like to push for a further increase in this area.

Council has done a fantastic job with fighting for the future of our hospital. It is with tremendous support from the community we were able to realize our preferred model of two full serviced hospitals in Huntsville and Bracebridge. More effort and public support will be required to see this come to fruition. Council will continue dialogue with the minister of health and long-term care regarding the current funding model for our hospital, and how it needs to be revised.

The approval of Fairvern has been a long arduous process, with great support from council and the community, we will see this crucially important facility redeveloped to serve our needs.

I believe the support of our community halls is of great importance to the future of Port Sydney, Utterson and Aspdin. Discussion is taking place for further capital investment in these facilities, as well as increased programming to better serve the needs of our smaller communities. I will always work hard to keep our halls open.

The municipality has made a concerted effort to relieve all ratepayers of surplus capital assets no longer useful to the community.

The need for more affordable housing has been at the forefront of council discussions. Great strides have been made in an effort to improve the availability of all types of housing for our family, friends and neighbours. Expect more land grants and funding to further complement the need for housing.

In closing I would like to thank everyone for supporting my efforts on council to make Huntsville a better place for us all.

If you feel I have represented you well, please vote for me in an effort to continue my work with council. If you would like to discuss anything with me please email me at [email protected]. Or, give me a call at 705-706-1540.

Jason FitzGerald is Chair of the Huntsville Heritage Committee, Co-Chair of Community Services, Member of the Planning Committee, Member of the Committee of Adjustment, and appointee to the special Affordable Housing Committee.
Jason lives in Port Sydney with his wife and daughter. He is the owner of Broadleaf Construction and has 30-plus years experience in construction supervision and project management.
Jason is also Vice President of the Stephenson District Lions Club, Vice President of the Huntsville Old Timers Hockey Club, a member of the Port Sydney Parks and Recreation, and chair of the Wally Keith Walton memorial golf tournament.

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  1. You’re doing a great Fitzy and it could only get better if you could convince the persons responsible , District or Town , to repair and repair the sections of road adjacent to Candy Town Lane on District Road 10…..It is brutal…very hard on vehicles…..Looking forward to your next term !

  2. Jason, As Chair of the Heritage Committee, as Stephenson, Stisted, Port Sydney Councillor, please explain how Madill Church receives Town designation for heritage, and receives the ownership from United Church but Utterson’s United Church, its only one built pre century, doesn’t and is sold as it’s members of the community are trying to save it? In addition any plans to shut the decade old + Patterson quarry pit that has reaked havoc for Utterson starting at 3 am everyday?

  3. Jason FitzGerald on

    Thanks for comments and questions. In fact the town did not receive Madill church, the church ownership was transferred to The Madill Church Preservation Society. The church is currently not designated as Heritage. I understand you were trying to form a group to save the church, it is unfortunate you did not reach out to The municipality or myself for assistance with your efforts.
    It is my understanding the new owner plans to preserve the exterior facade of the church and convert it to a residential use building.
    The quarry does not fall under municipality control, other than noise bylaw and hours of operation bylaws.
    Fell free to contact me if I can assist with anything.

    • Hi Jason, Didn’t have a chance to contact Heritage, but the Municipality was contacted to secure meeting space at the hall with the friends of Utterson Church for a confirmed meeting with Church officials. They sold it before we could meet and we had to cancel the meeting. My question to you, as Chair of Heritage is, why wasn’t Madill and Utterson Church on the list of heritage buildings given their history for their communities? As part of this committee’s TOR, does it not assess buildings for heritage in the whole Town of Huntsville?
      As far as the Patterson pit not being town jurisdiction, that’s true but constituents of the town live here and their real concerns and voices should be advocated and influenced for at other gov levels, wouldn’t you agree?
      Regards, Karen

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