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Who remembers MacDonald’s? Not to be confused with McDonald’s, this restaurant occupied the space on Huntsville’s Main Street where Big Bear is today. In 1952, a steak the size of a plate was $3.95 (a lot of money in those days). In 1958, they started offering soft serve ice cream. What else can you tell us about MacDonald’s, Doppler readers? (Photo courtesy of Muskoka Heritage Place)

Wayback Wednesday is sponsored by Pharmasave Huntsville

Last week we shared this photo with you:


This 1949 aerial shot of the Muskoka River and part of downtown Huntsville is courtesy of the Baldwin Collection at the Toronto Reference Library.

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  1. During my early years growing up in Huntsville, late 194o, early 50’s, Mr & Mrs MacDonald had a teenage son & daughter. Jazz. was the music of the day and on the wall above the jukebox were black/white photos of many jazz musicians. I remember Dave Brubeck and Miles Davis particularly. To my younger eyes, the whole family seemed very “with it.” Outside of movies and radio it was my introduction to music genres. I have loved jazz ever since – Thank you, MacDonald family.

  2. Stephen Parrott on

    As I recall, the KFC section was at the front of the restaurant on the left as one entered. Again, if I am correct, the Colonel was present at the official opening.

    • The owners of MacDonald’s opened the first KFC but it wasn’t at the restaurant site. This MacDonald’s was the first place I ever worked. I was a waitress, which it turned out, I hated. I believe I made 55 cents an hour. Probably around 1971. And then if we weren’t lounging around on “the wall” my peers & I were in MacDonald’s eating fries and gravy.

      • Gail it might have been before your time, around 1962 approx. it started by the Mac Donald’s and then they went down by the #3 hyw, entrance before they moved to their present location next where I lived.

      • I remember so well, after shopping until we dropped at the Mid Night Madness in town, my family all met and gathered around the big table in the back. The folks who owned it and the gals who worked there were fantastic. Cherry coke and yes, fries and gravy, Ellen

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