It’s Wayback Wednesday sponsored by Pharmasave: Legion parade



Welcome to Wayback Wednesday sponsored by Pharmasave Huntsville!

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Each Remembrance Day, a Legion parade winds its way through downtown Huntsville. Can you guess the approximate year this photo was taken? (Courtesy of the Muskoka Heritage Place Collection)

Wayback Wednesday is sponsored by Pharmasave Huntsville


Last week we shared this photo with you:

For 31 years, young ghouls and goblins and assorted other shady characters have been gathering en masse at Muskoka Heritage Place each Hallowe’en for the annual Great Pumpkin Trail. This image is from the event’s early years. Doctor Upchuck is in and awaiting potential “patients”. But who is Doctor Upchuck’s alter ego? If you know, leave a comment below! (Photo courtesy of Muskoka Heritage Place)

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