It’s Wayback Wednesday sponsored by Pharmasave: Corner of Main and West



It’s Wayback Wednesday, sponsored by Pharmasave Huntsville!


Huntsville’s Main Street has always made for a pretty picture, and this image of Town Hall and Trinity United Church is no different. Do you know the approximate year this photo was taken? (AnnaBelle Studio / Muskoka Digital Archives)


Last week we shared this photo with you:

This 1911 photo from the CN Images of Canada Collection shows a CN Rail freight train passing the then-Muskoka Wood Products mill on Hunters Bay.

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  1. Funny how things change. Looking at last weeks picture with the railway and Muskoka Wood company one has to note that a lot of business was all located near the station and close to the railway and the water. You can see the Sunoco oil tanks in the foreground of the picture. Things came by train then and were transferred to small trucks for local delivery. A lot of the traditional downtown of Huntsville is still just a short walk from this train station and it would be easy to add a few more stations along the track, heck maybe even a Walmart station!!

    Perhaps we were in much better shape to prepare for lifestyle changes that would help our climate then than we are now.

    Now everything comes by longer range trucking and the factories are not in this area except for the pipe plant. We live and work literally “all over the place” now so cars are much more necessary and numerous. The waterfront has long been abandoned to recreational uses only. There is virtually no industry on the waterfront anymore.

    Perhaps the day will come when the trains will again be very important. Short range electric cars and trucks could operate from a local station far more effectively than trying to drive to Toronto or further in ones own car.

    We historically only pay for convenience or speed however, and sadly for the train it is currently neither of these things so we struggle with trucks, cars, ice, traffic, snow and accidents. If we could get a fast and inexpensive train service again we could maybe leave a lot of the “car baggage” behind, something we need to do soon.

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