It’s Wayback Wednesday: Ski jump


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This Huntsville attraction no longer exists. Do you know where it was or any of its history?

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  1. I believe Linda & John are correct. Ski Jump Inn was located there for many years. I worked there in the 70s. My father in law told us a tale of putting on a pair of skiies when he was young, probably when it first opened, and trying the jump. He did not do well.

  2. Linda and John, I think you nailed it. Ski Jump Inn. My sister and her husband spent their honeymoon there. My sister, Marnie Berry, had spent many a week end there, doing what she loved, Skiing. No ski lift in those days.
    Thanks for reminding me.

  3. Linda & John Housser on

    Ski Jump Inn, Huntsville, Ont. on No. 11 Highway, 3 miles south of Huntsville east off Madill Church Road. Originally named Jorlea Lodge.

    The Inn was adjacent to a 98 acre parcel of land, the former Stevens’ property, that the Huntsville Ski Club had purchased and opened to the public in 1947 complete with a ski tow. In 1948 a ski jump was added to the facility called the Big Vic, after the builder, Victor Woodcock. While the Inn was under construction a log cabin of 800 square feet was built to provide a temporary residence. This structure later became the Jorlea Trading Post, a gift shop for fine woolens and tartans and when the Inn was sold was reassembled on Vernon Lake at Vernon shores on North Court.

  4. Yes, it’s the old ski jump up on Mica Mine Hill beside Fairy Lake. There’s more information about it in the book “Huntsville: With Spirit and Resolve.”

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