It’s Wayback Wednesday: Digging in


Welcome to Wayback Wednesday sponsored by Cavalcade Color Lab! Every week, we’ll be sharing a vintage photo and asking our readers to chime in with anything you can recall about the photo, other related memories, or even a funny caption. Have some vintage photos of your own? Send them to [email protected] and we may share them with our readers!

Scroll down to see last week’s photo.

In this week’s image, do you know who these men are or why they are digging a hole? Bonus points if you can guess the date this photo was taken.

 Wayback Wednesday is sponsored by Cavalcade Color Lab

Last week we shared this photo with you and asked you to share your favourite things about Huntsville’s original Wimpey’s:

Here’s what people had to say on our Facebook page, and on the “If You Grew Up In Huntsville, You’ll Remember…” page — thanks to Ruby Truax for sharing it there.

Sharon Norman: I worked at the original Wimpey’s. Favourite was the clam chowder.

Andre Wahl: Ice Cream!

Carol Earl: I worked at the original Wimpey’s. It was all based on the characters in Popeye. You had brutus burgers, sweet pea etc. This new Wimpy’s isn’t like that, however it’s amazing that it’s going where the old Wimpey’s was!

Bonnie Hickey: Ice cream

Sue Zilney: mmmm mmm burgers and ice cream

Michele Lariviere: I used to work there as a teenager. I started with scooping ice cream and then serving burgers. The owners wanted to promote me to assistant manager but I was moving to Tillsonburg so I couldn’t accept the position. But lots of good memories.

And several people wanted to know when the new Wimpy’s Diner, which will be in the same location, will be open. We don’t have the answer to that question, but we’ll be sure to share when we know!



  1. It looks like Mayor Terry Clark is digging and former Mayor Norm Goodwin is in the extreme right of the picture. Wether this hole is for finances or not I honestly don’t know but I’ll bet it is a sod turning to start some building of course. One can’t tell where very well from the clues in the picture. It might be one of the renovations of the Arena/pool/Summit center, maybe in the 70’s?

  2. Jacquie Howell on

    To add to Brian & Anne’s list. Dr. Dean Murdy is on the left and I think it is the sod turning for the renovations to Fairvern

  3. Andrea Lough Alexander on

    Agree with names as noted above, and add that Mayor Terry Clarke is shovelling, as is my father, former mayor Don Lough – they are breaking ground for the arena, maybe mid 70s.

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