If your garbage didn’t get picked up last week due to the heat, this is who you should call


The District of Muskoka contracts Waste Connections Canada (formerly Progressive Waste Solutions) to provide for curbside collection services in Muskoka.

Last week, some collection routes on Wednesday and Thursday were not completed due to extreme heat with temperatures exceeding 35 degrees. This made conditions unsafe for Waste Connections Canada staff to complete these routes in full, despite working late into the evening.

Waste Connections Canada sent out crews on Saturday, July 7, to the roads and streets that were missed, but they were unable to complete all missed areas due to limited crews. They are addressing the remaining missed roads from the special Saturday collections as a priority today. Anyone who still has material at the curb or who was missed, should report it to Waste Connections at 705-645-4453 to schedule their pick-up.

Residents with curbside collection concerns should contact Waste Connections Canada directly at: 705-645-4453.

The District apologizes for the inconvenience caused and is working with Waste Connections Canada to avoid similar situations in the future and improve communication to the public.  Residents are encouraged to sign up for service alerts that may affect their waste and recycling collections in the future due to unforeseen circumstances.

Residents can sign up for service alerts through the District’s Online Collection Calendar Tool at www.muskokarecycles.ca.

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  1. Brian Tapley on

    So according to some of our leaders global climate change (read warmer weather here) is “not happening” as it is “fake news” but do you remember garbage trucks and crews not being able to work effectively in Huntsville because it was “too hot” to work safely?
    I don’t.
    Of course garbage collection is a relatively recent service for Huntsville so many this is a poor indicator.

    • Brian–while the planet may indeed be warming (and even that is not yet clear) there is still no evidence that it is man-caused (“anthropogenic”). During the medieval warm period (950 A.D. to 1250 A.D.), the Scots were able to grow grapes in northern Scotland and the Vikings had small farms in southern Greenland. Like its cousin, the Roman Warm Period (ever wonder why the Romans went around with so much flesh exposed?) it soon cycled back to cooler temperatures. The “Little Ice Age” followed the Medieval Warm Period. During the Little Ice Age, tens of thousands of northern Europeans starved to death because of widespread crop failures. There were several years where there were no frost-free summer nights at all.

      Check into the composition of the IPCC and you will find that it is a political organization–they do not permit any scientists who do not agree with anthropogenic climate change to be a part of the IPCC. The IPCC was put together mostly by Maurice Strong who was responsible for the corrupt U.N. “oil-for-food” program. A lot of very wealthy people became even wealthier through the “oil-for-food” program (including Strong himself). Had he not fled to China, it is thought that he would have been indicted for racketeering. Strong and his friends decided that “climate change” legislation could yield even more wealth for the beneficiaries. Governments jumped on the bandwagon, seeing carbon legislation as a boon to government coffers.

      • Trisha Pendrith on

        Where do you get this stuff from, Erin? Rebel media? Fox? The evidence for anthropogenic climate change is distressingly overwhelming. There is nothing more political than the Billionaires, many in oil industry related businesses , like the Koch brothers, who use their wealth to promote anthropogenic climate change denial. Try reading the well researched and documented book Dark Money, The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise I’d The Radical Right. But then it sounds like you’ve made up your mind.

        • Trisha,

          The actual scientific evidence for anthropogenic climate change is NOT “overwhelming”–and I get this straight from climate scientists who do not agree with the hypothesis (it is not even a testable theory). Those scientists who disagree with what was originally called, AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) have been silenced. Virtually ALL of the research money is only available to those who promote the idea of AGW. There is a LOT of money being made from it–not only in the form of research grants to scientists who must always be on the lookout for them to pay their wannabe exorbitant salaries, but for all the other politicians and businessmen who stand to profit off of alternatives and “carbon taxes”. It is simply leftist propaganda that the oil industry is funding “climate change denial”.

          By the way, I am NOT a member of the “radical right”–my political position is what used to be described as centrist before the radical left pulled political liberals leftward. What is going on now in the body politic, is a return to what was originally centrist. The globalist billionaires are attempting to destroy the centrist consensus in order to fry their own fish–destroying national sovereignty in favor of world government. I’m surprised that you can’t see through their efforts. Leftist billionaire, George Soros has been quoted saying that the only thing standing in the way of world government is U. S. sovereignty (and, to a lesser extent, the sovereignty of other Western nations). He funds various groups aimed at destroying political consensus.

          Always remember that when national sovereignty ends, so do the constitutional guarantees of the various constitutions of the West. Read up on “inverted totalitarianism” for an idea of where the billionaire globalists are attempting to lead us.

  2. Dianne Adams on

    Our waste was not picked up on our designated day and a phone call to the District provided the information that it would be handled on Saturday as crews were being taken off the road due to the extreme heat. Kind residents had put out coolers containing ice and bottled water for the crews, but by the time they got to them, the ice had melted (probably better to drink slightly warmer water than ice cold in that heat, anyway.). The crews were out on Saturday as advised and our waste was cleared. Minimal inconvenience to the homeowner and kudos to the waste management employees – job well done!

  3. Maurice Poirier on

    I don’t live in Huntsville, but i did at one time! Working in extreme heat can cause serious health issues! Nice to hear the waste removal company thought about their employees enough to shut it down! As for the complainers if it gets really hot again,put yourself in their spot for one day only! See what you think then!

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