Huntsville native Stephanie Bourbeau returns to open her own ’boutique’ physiotherapy clinic



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Huntsville native, Stephanie Bourbeau, is excited to be returning to her roots with the opening of her physiotherapy clinic, Elevate Physiotherapy,  a boutique clinic providing a personalized, comfortable, private, client-centred approach to physiotherapy services.

Friends and family gathered last week to celebrate the milestone while Huntsville Mayor Scott Aitchison performed the official duty of cutting the ribbon, or in this case the aptly chosen exercise band.

Stephanie Bourbeau RTM teaches Mayor Scott Aitchison a thing or two about exercise.

“I cut a lot of ribbons,” said Aitchison. “What I find particularly exciting about ribbon cuttings, or exercise band cutting, is when people who grew up here are able to come back and start their career. Huntsville is a great community. We take care of each other. We support each other. There is opportunity here and you are exploiting that and you are going to contribute something back to the economy and you are going to make a living here and I think that’s an amazing thing. Welcome home!”

Bourbeau says that she has known for a long time that she wanted to work in the healthcare field but started leaning toward physiotherapy when a knee injury from high-intensity sports in high school had her seeking physio treatment. “I was so amazed that I could go into a physio office without a referral from a doctor and that the physiotherapist could assess my condition, tell me what’s going on and tell me how they could help fix me up with exercise and manual therapy. That’s where it all began for me.”

To that end, Bourbeau attended McGill University to complete her Bachelor of Science for Kinesiology degree as well as the University of Ottawa to complete a Masters in Health Science in Physiotherapy. Along the way she was fortunate to have placements in neurology, occupational health and safety, cardio respiratory therapy, and private practice, gaining a wide range of experience in the field. Most recently, Bourbeau has been working in Collingwood as a registered physiotherapist (RPT) in a private practice specializing in the musculoskeletal system.

Bourbeau credits her parents for instilling in her the drive to be an entrepreneur and giving her the confidence to make it happen. “I had this dream of being an entrepreneur and opening my own practice,” she says. “I guess I have my parents to thank for that because they were business owners. Being your own boss can be rewarding although it is definitely challenging.”

Bourbeau says she wanted to come back to Huntsville and offer physiotherapy services in a different way. “My mission is to empower those injured and non-injured individuals to reach their goals and improve their quality of life,” she says. “To do that the physiotherapy services I am going to provide are going to be individualized and performed solely by myself.” Sessions will be hands on, focusing mainly on manual therapy, soft tissue work, joint mobilization, education and exercise, says Bourbeau. The patient will not be left alone, hooked up to a machine. “I don’t really believe in, or want to rely on, modalities such as ultrasound or laser or electro therapy.”

At Elevate Physio you will get one-on-one, personalized time with your physiotherapist. You will get privatized care. It will be all about you. Stephanie Bourbeau, owner and RPT

For more information or to book an appointment call 705-380-3312 or visit the websiteElevate Physiotherapy is located at 33 King William Street, Suite 204, in Huntsville. Office hours are flexible with evening appointments available (three times per week). There is ample parking and the building is fully accessible. Direct billing to personal health insurance plans is available.

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