Huntsville native Alexis Taylor is making a name for herself in Nashville



Alexis Taylor has been surrounded by music ever since she was born.

Her parents are both musicians and “whether I was singing along to the radio, listening to my parents sing at home, or performing on stage at church, I was listening to music or singing every chance I could get,” she said.

Today, she is making a name for herself in Nashville, where she now lives, and has released two country singles in addition to touring in both Europe and North America.

Taylor said her biggest musical inspiration is Carrie Underwood. “The success that she has had as a woman in the country music industry is something that I strive to have some day,” she said. “Not only is she extremely talented but also extremely humble about the success that she has had, and I truly look up to her for that.”

After practicing and writing songs throughout her childhood, Taylor left Muskoka to attend university in Virginia. It wasn’t until a road trip to Nashville during school with her best friend that she fell in love with the city.

“Though it took a lot of planning, and convincing my parents, I finally moved to Nashville in 2015. There was just something about the people and the music that made me feel at home. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else!” said Taylor.


Taylor said that one person who has helped shape her to become the musician she is today is country music artist Doug Seegers. Three summers ago Seegers brought Taylor on tour with him through Scandinavia and helped coach her on what the life of a musician on the road would be like.

“Doug still continues to believe in my music, and me as an artist. It is such a huge compliment to have someone so talented and knowledgeable in the music industry continue to be such an encouragement in my life,” she said.

Since touring Norway and Sweden with Seegers, Taylor has gone on numerous tours performing in places across North America such as Calgary, Seattle, California, and Mexico. She also plans to book a USA/Canada tour for sometime in 2019.

So far Taylor has released two singles—”Blame The Whiskey” and “How Do You Sleep”. She is currently in the process of picking her next single and will be going into the studio within the next few weeks to record.

Her best accomplishment so far, she said, was winning Best Female Vocalist of the Year for 2018 at the Tennessee Music Awards. “Getting nominated would have been an accomplishment in and of itself, but to win was completely shocking and such an amazing award to receive,” she said.

Taylor has many goals and dreams for the future and is extremely motivated to write music and continue to tour as much as possible. “I want to be able to touch people with the music that I write, and by releasing more music and going on tour I am another step closer to making that happen,” she said.

To follow her journey and to hear her music, you’ll find her online here: iTunesSpotify, Facebook, and

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  1. A great and very deserving article on Alexis Taylor. She, as is her mentor, an “extremely talented, very humble, and genuinely kind person”. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Alexis perform at Deerhurst Resort with her father, Mike and on her own and very much enjoyed her music, as did the entire room. She also performed to a sold out intimate and interactive show at the Algonquin Theatre that was one of the best I’ve seen there. Her two singles are fantastic and I look forward to her upcoming singles as well. If you haven’t heard her CD I suggest you get it….it’s filled with wonderful, heartfelt originals… of which brought me to tears. This very talented musician is doing very well for herself and following her dreams. A real inspiration! She is at the top of her game and will one day be a huge star….I have no doubt. Congratulations Alexis for all of your success thus far. You’ve earned it.

  2. Christina Degazio on

    Thank you so much, Huntsville Doppler for giving Alexis this great support and encouragement!! And thank you to all those here in Huntsville who continue to follow and promote Alexis and her music!!! I know she is deeply grateful for each and every person who has extended generosity and kindness; she never takes for granted the importance of her hometown and all the people who have helped her along the way in this musical journey!! Thank you!!!

  3. Proud to say “I know her” and am thrilled with her success. I also love listening to her and her dad sing together.

  4. The first time I heard Alexis was at the war memorial downtown Nashville. And I thought if I could just get to know her maybe I could get to record some of my music with her because she’s got such a beautiful voice So I went to see her at her next gig downtown again and then finally asked her to record a duet with me I was so pleased with her ability to sing duets with me that I asked her if she’d like to do a little touring with me. She agreed and it turned out to be a big success and a really powerful tour. Thank you Alexis. Hope to work with you again my dear :))

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