Hospital task force update: discussions on sites and service distribution



Capital Plan Development Task Force Update #24

The Capital Plan Development Task Force met on October 22.

The architectural consultant from Stantec engaged members in dialogue regarding ‘Design Guiding Principles’ that will serve as the goals and objectives for developing the future physical facilities for the Two Acute Sites model. The Task Force identified seven guiding principles for consideration. More work to clearly define each guiding principle is underway and the Task Force will unveil the Design Guiding Principles once they are finalized.

The Task Force reviewed the Site Analysis Report for each of the existing MAHC sites. The report provided high-level context of each site’s current location, articulated the current traffic circulation at each site, and the topography of the properties. As well, within the context of the existing properties, the report provided the conceptual development options for each site, such as renovation and addition, and new build. For the South Muskoka site, a greenfield approach where a hospital would be built on a different piece of land was also discussed.

The Task Force received an update on the service distribution workshop held on Oct. 10 with MAHC clinicians and leadership and the Resource Planning Group consultants. The purpose of the workshop was to complete the clinical and support services modelling to account for the future space required to provide core services (emergency care, inpatient care, surgical services) at each of the Two Acute Sites. The workshop identified the future bed distribution across the Two Acute Sites using 36-bed unit sizes. The workshop also served to allocate outpatient services aligned to the inpatient services where appropriate, and reflected continued single siting of some outpatient services as they are today.

Discussion around the Ministry’s expectations regarding the local share of the redevelopment cost included clarification that the Stage 1 Proposal requires a ‘Funding/Financing Plan’. This plan is high-level assurance of how the redevelopment would be funded with evidence of financial viability of the funders, as well as the potential commitment from the hospital foundations and greater community. The foundations are developing a feasibility study in conjunction with MAHC and will involve consultation with municipal governments.

The next Task Force meeting is December 10, 2018.

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  1. My only concern; doubtless shared by most Huntsville residents, is with the so-called “greenfield approach”. None of us wishes to see costs split evenly; with Bracebridge receiving an entirely new hospital (with convenient access from Highway 11). This is patently not what we signed up for.

  2. I sure hope Bracebridge gets a new hospital and steps up to the 21st century with hospital new services and new features and new functions that will never be available at the old site! I am tried of going to Parry Sound , Orilla, and Barrie and .. worst down to Toronto! .. and ..driving family and friends to appt’s down south! Look to the future folks ..and ..move out of the ‘1960 ..1970’ hospital services time warp!

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