HHS grad Emma Sultmanis receives Elene J Freer art scholarship


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Emma Sultmanis is the 2017 recipient of the Elene J. Freer Art Scholarship.

Emma has just graduated from Huntsville High School and will be attending the University of Guelph in September to study fine art and biology. From imaginative childhood doodles to her current artworks, Emma’s art is a timeline that continues to grow and change along with her.

“I am inspired by the forest, sunsets, butterflies, blooming flowers, twinkling stars and by the way a lake glistens in the early morning summer sun,” Emma remarks.

She typically uses acrylic paint, burned wood, pencil and pen to capture the pictures in her mind, but she also loves to explore and has experimented with painting with coffee and even makeup. Emma’s hopes for her post-secondary education are to develop her abilities in art by being challenged with new mediums and methods of creating. “I wish to gather new skills and I am excited to apply and to pass on what I learn,” says Emma.

Emma’s long-term goal is to become a primary-school teacher and provide her students with the same opportunities and creative space that she had as a student. “Seeing how my art has grown and changed so far leaves me excited for the future and all the new things I have yet to create, accomplish and discover. I cannot wait to experience the adventures that a love for art will take me on and to be able to inspire others through my art and through their own art as well.”

The Moment of Truth by Emma Sultmanis was created using acrylic paint, watercolour and pencil crayon. About the painting, Emma says, “While it may look small, this is actually the size of a large poster. I was inspired to develop the original portrait into a colourful, more in depth self-portrait to showcase the things and thoughts that are important to me. This artwork was one section of my philosophy class culminating project.” (Image: Emma Sultmanis)

Cover the Remainders by Emma Sultmanis

Cover the Reminders by Emma Sultmanis is a watercolour, pen and marker painting. “After a bad breakup, I find a sketchbook often provides the best therapy,” explains Emma. “On the page beside this one, I wrote the words, ‘All the beautiful things still remind me of you, so maybe if I cover all the reminders, I won’t have to think like that anymore.”

You Cross My Mind, I Cross My Heart by Emma Sultmanis

You Cross my Mind, I Cross my Heart by Emma Sultmanis was inspired by the following quote: “Words and hearts should be handled with care, for words when spoken, and hearts when broken, are the hardest things to repair.” About this pen, watercolour and collage image, Emma writes, “Our hearts speak when our words escape us, yet one word can shatter a heart into one million shards. The watercolour drops resemble drops of blood and highlight meaningful words within the page.” (Image: Emma Sultmanis)

The Elene J. Freer Art Scholarship provides $1,200 cash for each year of study to a maximum of four years of study at a recognized university, college or another form of post-secondary education to a secondary school student from Muskoka who is continuing with a post-secondary education in the visual arts or craft field.

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