Enliven fundraiser will support community members impacted by cancer


Cancer affects just about everyone – chances are you know someone who has had cancer, maybe an acquaintance, maybe someone you love, maybe you.

A new not-for-profit community service, Enliven Centre for Self-Care, provides informative workshops and courses in three core streams – lifestyle, nutrition and movement – to encourage connections in what can be an isolating illness experience.

To help fund their efforts and spread the word about what they do, Enliven is hosting the inaugural “Perspectives on the Cancer Journey”, an evening of engaging conversation around the continuum of care for cancer patients, care-givers and health care professionals.

“Nobody really wants to talk about cancer,” says Allie Chisholm-Smith, Enliven co-founder with Joanne McLean. “We’d rather it just be kept out of sight. But we all know that’s not realistic. So we have gathered spiritual guides, patients, doctors, a naturopath and a psychotherapist to share in conversation about how this disease has affected you. There are so many potential conversations like how do you bridge complementary and western medicine? What does hope look like and how does it shift? How do you find the ground in the disruption of diagnosis?”

You see, the problem with Enliven is that we are talking about the thing that no one wants to talk about.
Allie Chisholm-Smith

“Perspectives on the Cancer Journey” will be held at the Algonquin Theatre on Friday, June 23 and will include a health-focused vendor market beginning at 6:30 p.m., followed by panel discussions with doctors, naturopaths and patients at 7:00 p.m.

The event will also include a short film, Creativity is the Great Rebellion in Existence. This beautiful film illustrates three local women’s experiences of not only coping with, but of living and thriving with cancer. Directed and produced by Huntsville’s own Suzanne Riverin.

The evening will be accompanied by musical entertainment, prize raffles, and appetizers.

Tickets are available at Soapstones, Ahimsa and the Algonquin Theatre for a suggested donation of $25.

What is Enliven?

Enliven – Centre for Self-Care is a place where people with a cancer diagnosis can learn and practice self-care.  Enliven is for YOU – whether you have had cancer or are newly diagnosed, are in treatment, or are living with advanced disease. We also have programs, events and workshops specifically for caregivers and health care practitioners.  Our programs, workshops and events are intended to help you when you are dealing with difficult symptoms, for restoring your wellbeing, for helping you make decisions, or during transitions in your care.

  • Get involved with a community that understands what You are going through
  • Discover new ways and ideas to move You forward
  • Programs, workshops and events that support You taking an active role in Your cancer journey
  • Reduce the social isolation that comes with this disease – Enliven is for You and those who are closest to You

The Enliven logo – a friend offering assistance from a golden bowl – is rooted in three directions representing groundedness, positivity, and productivity.  It also represents the three faces of who Enliven serves: cancer patient, caregiver and health care provider.  The programs offered can be categorized into supporting active choices, body, mind and spirit through lifestyle, nourishment and movement.

For those of you who are taken with the Enliven logo, you will be excited to learn that a sterling silver replica has been created by Muskoka Jewelry Design and will be raffled to a lucky winner on the evening of the inaugural event on June 23rd!  Additional copies will be made available – look to the Enliven website for more information.

For more information, call Enliven at (705) 787-5459, or visit enlivenmuskoka.ca

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