Eight reasons why I am smitten with Lake of Bays: Township Councillor Terry Glover


This is the third in a 2018 series of commentaries from municipal politicians which allows them to tell you, in their own words, what is important to them, what bugs them and what makes them tick. Each week will feature a member of either the Huntsville or Lake of Bays Council. As we enter an election year, this is your opportunity to get a better picture of your elected politicians. This week: Township of Lake of Bays Councillor Terry Glover.

Eight Reasons why I am “smitten” with Lake of Bays in 2018
By Terry Glover

Economic Development in Lake of Bays (LOB) is alive and well. In the past couple of years LOB has devoted money and effort to this cause and in 2018 we will see a few developments that I am thrilled with. Along with tackling our challenges we should see a new township-wide web site with other initiatives. What is most exciting is that this core group of business leaders meets to discuss economic challenges and tackles them directly with positive discussion avoiding the regular political rhetoric and delayed long discussions. How refreshing!

Property Standards is finally being addressed. Provincial downloading and municipal funding will address an issue that has had residents concerned for years. With this program we can clean up some derelict properties and display the pride of ownership that most residents have in their township.

Property values continue to increase in LOB. I know of several properties that are being developed by “new” residents to Lake of Bays. These residents have moved from the city and areas in Muskoka and claim that we give better value and lifestyle here. As we continue to address issues like improving high-speed (internet) this momentum will continue and as one agent put it, “LOB has endless possibilities for the future”.

The Andrew Daniels Fish Stewardship and Foundation. This formidable group continues to put time, money and effort into Speckled Trout Rehabilitation. This group and others like it are constantly keeping a watchful eye on our most valuable resources by protecting and educating us so that we will cherish what we have here for years to come.

The Lake of Bays Libraries are providing valuable services to residents and looking to expand in the near future. Our vast geographical demographic has us operating two smaller libraries and the constant fiscal challenge is difficult but council continues to support it. Public donations and fundraisers make our libraries the social hub of our villages. Programming is vast and the services provided are first-rate, providing information and entertainment for all.

Our seniors’ clubs are fantastic. For the same reasons as the libraries, we operate two. In Baysville, new leadership and volunteers have created a wonderful welcoming and busy club. The list of activities and opportunities for interaction keep our seniors busy and active throughout the year.

Volunteers! In LOB we have the greatest active list of volunteers and leaders so local events never seem to end. In Baysville we have had several step up and rejuvenate our clubs and I am thrilled to say the many events in town will continue to thrill and excite local and tourist audiences for years to come.

Business is up! Yes, despite the rain and bad weather in 2017 most businesses are reporting better than ever sales. We are all facing challenges but let’s look at the glass half full and celebrate the wonderful businesses and services in Lake of Bays.

We cannot control what is going on in the world, we can, however, take action to make our little piece of heaven a better place and it’s the little things that will make a positive difference.

Happy New Year Lake of Bays!

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Terry Glover, Township of Lake of Bays councillor

Terry Glover is Town Councillor, Township Lake of Bays McClean Ward, 2nd Term. He has lived in Baysville for 12 years. He is married 33 years to Marlene Karys and is very proud of their two daughters Martine and Justine.
Terry has owned and operated many different businesses in the Hospitality and Arts areas for approximately 40 years.
He is a former BIA Chair Huntsville and currently serves on several committees in Baysville and on Town Council.
Presently, Terry is the owner operator of Fork in the Road Baysville, a small busy take-out and catering company he started five years ago.


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