Councillor Karin Terziano appointed Deputy Mayor for a second term



Mayor Scott Aitchison has appointed Councillor Karin Terziano as Huntsville’s Deputy Mayor for a second term.

“She has been an amazing Deputy Mayor,” Aitchison told Doppler at a December 10 meeting of council. “Karin and I work really well together. She understands the role very well. She filled in seamlessly for me when I was away for my surgery and she took care of things really well. She was very supportive. We don’t always agree but she is a really good sounding board for me and, I think, me for her. I appreciate all the work she has done and I wanted to make sure that she was still there with me, helping me out with things. She was okay with doing that, too.”

The Deputy Mayor fulfills all obligations of the Mayor in his absence. Should both the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor be absent, the alternate Deputy Mayor will step in. Councillor Nancy Alcock has been appointed alternate Deputy Mayor for the 2018-2022 term of council.

This is Terziano’s third term on council: she represented Huntsville Ward 1 from 2010-2014, was a Town and District Councillor from 2014-2018, and was re-elected to represent Huntsville Ward 1 for the 2018-2022 term.

In addition to her regular council duties for the 2018-2022 term, Terziano will be the council liaison for the Downtown Huntsville BIA, will chair the Corporate Services Committee, and will be a member of the Community Services Committee.

Prior to being elected to council, Terziano spent 24 years working for the Town of Huntsville in various departments including parks and recreation and public infrastructure. She was also the manager of the Algonquin Theatre from 2005 to 2010.

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  1. Superlative choice! As with Ms. Corry, it is clearly apparent that she started with the Town in her teens. I have always found the Deputy Mayor to be well prepared, well spoken, and completely her own person with her independent statements and queries. Kudos, Karin!

  2. To Karin; I’ve always said you should run for Mayor, but you always refused saying your were better off being on Council. I agree. You get things done.
    Speaking of which: Seems to me The Huntsville Council fired the Hospital Board and now Dr. Kirkpatrick is shunted aside for a job where he fits in nicely.

    I think you should all be speaking out against this injustice to Dr. K.

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