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Meet “Doug”. Doug is the Northern Ontario Jr. Champion. What for? We don’t know, but he must have been good at it. Help us out, Doppler readers! Who is Doug and what did he win? Bonus points if you can help us sort out the year, too. (Photo: Muskoka Heritage Place Collection)


This image by Frank Micklethwaite is labelled “Vernon Lake, Huntsville, Muskoka”. Can you determine the photographer’s vantage point or identify any of the structures in the photo? (Photo courtesy of Brian Westhouse / Lake of Bays Through the Years on Facebook)


With recent flooding in Huntsville, we’ve shared some aerial photos of the area courtesy of Dan Pinckard (thanks, Dan!). We thought we’d contrast those with a decades-old view of the Muskoka River from above. The swing bridge and town dock are in the upper right of this photo. Can you identify anything else? (Photo courtesy of the Muskoka Heritage Place collection)

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