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0 Hospitals and Hustings

A GOOD FIRST STEP Huntsville Council got it right this past week when they established a Hospital Retention Working Group and appointed a blue ribbon panel of community members to it. The only mystery is why they did it with such little fanfare, that it has barely caught the attention…

0 A Political Rant

THE POWER OF THE PRESS My Father once told me to never get into a peeing match with someone who buys ink (or paper) by the ton , but I am somewhat of a non conformist, so here goes. I read a great article this week by Terence Corcoran, a…

2 President trump? Please No.

Actually, I know the guy and I like him. Several years ago he was a client of mine and I still have a picture hanging in our home, of The Donald on the front page of the Toronto Sun, with an autograph from him saying, “Hugh, You’re the Greatest”. Yes,…

0 Where is the Leadership?

[ratings] Let me deal with something right off the top. Most people know that both Scott Aitchison and I were candidates for Mayor of Huntsville in the last municipal election. He won and I lost. When I made my decision to run,, Scott was not in the race and in…

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