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12 LISTEN UP! Casting my vote

CASTING MY VOTE Most people who know me will not be surprised that I am going to support the Conservatives in the upcoming Federal election. However many of these same folks do not really know why. A number of them probably believe that I am an ideologue and would vote…

7 LISTEN UP! Doppler and the political debate

DOPPLER AND THE POLITICAL DEBATE Most people who know me, know that I am a Conservative, not a right wing extremist, but a Conservative all the same. Because I have spent much of my life in political circles, I have made many friends of all political stripes. To many of…


DOPPLER What fun it has been this week to see Huntsville Doppler become a reality.  We have a terrific team and we have all been delighted with the encouraging comments we have received and with the many thousands of people who have visited our site in the first week! In…

2 Tragedy in Syria

ALAN KURDI Any topic I thought about writing this week quickly paled to insignificance in light of the tragic wake up call to the entire world, off the coast of Turkey,several days ago. The picture of little Alan Kurdi, washed up on the shore, is one that will be engraved…

0 Mostly Huntsville…. and A little Politics!

CHARITY FOR HUNTER’S BAY RADIO? Did you get the call for a hundred bucks this week from Hunter’s Bay Radio?   I did and certainly a number of other people did as well, many of whom have not been happy about it. HBR also had a ‘radiothon’ this past week…

0 Some Interesting News

A NEW DIRECTION We have some exciting news this week. I have been writing my Listen Up! Blog since the beginning of the year and have been delighted with the number of viewers and loyal readers. At the same time I have been working with some other folks to develop…

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