Buti Yoga: providing a safe, judgment-free space for women to get fit




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Jewel Nurse strives to provide a safe, judgment-free space where women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and walks of life can embrace their bodies through her ‘all-in-one’ workout class.

Based at Inside Out personal training studio (131 Highway 60, Unit 11), Nurse’s Buti Yoga classes welcome women from newbies to yoga experts—each class is different from the rest and provides a new experience each time.

“When women come to my class I want them to explore their femininity, find clarity, acceptance, and to connect with themselves and other women,” said Nurse.

As someone who has struggles with negative body image and low self-esteem, Buti has allowed me to take some much needed steps in breaking out of my comfort zone—and Jewel celebrates each step with me. Victoria Lamont, Buti Yoga participant since July 2018

After her father passed away, Nurse had taken some time off work to grieve and that was when she discovered Buti Yoga, a cardio-intense workout that combines tribal dance, power yoga, and abdominal toning.

Buti was created by celebrity trainer Bizzie Gold who has expanded her program worldwide.

“Out of all the grief I was so fortunate to find Buti. I knew this is exactly what I needed to be doing and I swear I’ll be doing it until I’m 90,” said Nurse as she laughed.

Nurse has a background in sports, personal training and private yoga classes but when she discovered Buti she described it as finding her “soulmate workout.” She has had her yoga teaching certificate since 2013 and her Buti Yoga teaching certificate since 2017.

One of Buti Yoga’s notable differences from conventional yoga is the fast-paced, energetic playlists used during the workout class.

“I have been hooked on Buti Yoga since my first class,” said grandmother of three, Gwen Jones. “Every class Jewel prepares a new playlist, gives instructions for different moves and messages of self care. I always leave class feeling energized and empowered. I can’t thank Jewel enough for bringing Buti Yoga to our community!”

Nurse currently teaches three different versions of Buti in seven classes each week. (Check the social media links below for a current schedule.)

She will be completing further Buti training in Quebec this winter—Buti Deep, which is more of a restorative practice that get deeper into stretching—and she plans to increase the number of classes she offers to 10 per week.

To contact Nurse about attending Buti, call 705-571-5551 or email [email protected] You can also find her on Facebook here or Instagram @ButiYogaMuskoka


  1. Unfortunately, this is yet another healthful activity exclusively for women. Many gym/aquatic classes tend to make you feel uncomfortable when you’re in a minority of one or two. I have never felt uncomfortable in Gael Bishop’s spin classes (also on Highway 60); but man cannot train on spin alone.
    While I certainly commend Ms. Nurse on this wonderful initiative, perhaps she could consider at least (one or more) mixed class within her expanded 10-class schedule. A men-only class would, of course, be ideal; but possibly too under-subscribed.

    • Real Yoga 4 Real People is an option. previously holding “Broga” classes which were men only and having co-ed classes.

      On Facebook and at realyoga4realpeople.ca the classes are now being offered in home.



  2. Boohoo Rob! Get over it. There are lots of choices for you in this town to attend, including yoga at any one of the co-ed gyms. Since the closing of Goodlife here, there has been nothing just for women. I think it’s wonderful that we (women) can attend a class together without feeling self conscious & be able to talk about common goals & problems we might be facing. Thank you Jewel!

    • Thank you so much, Joan, for your heartfelt empathy. To my knowledge, neither the 24-hour gym, nor Fitt gym has yoga classes. Motivations does offer them (one or two men); and the hot yoga classes at Aetna also appear to be exclusively women. I am the only male in both aquatic yoga classes (on the pool bottom, and on an inflatable, floating mat). If Jewel’s class doubles as group therapy as well, then she is significantly under-charging for her services.

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