Business owner saddened by act of vandalism


Northern Disposal & Sanitation owner Katy McGregor took to social media on Wednesday, July 11 to ask the community for help in locating the person(s) responsible for burning down to the ground a portable toilet owned by the company.

The porta-potty was located at Camp Kitchen as part of the contract the sanitation company has with the Town of Huntsville to offer the service.

McGregor said she received a call Wednesday morning and was told about the incident. At first she was relieved to find out that no one was hurt and that the park hadn’t caught on fire, but her thoughts soon turned to the culprit or culprits and she wondered who would do such a thing, particularly to a company that gives so much to the community.

“I’m hurt that somebody did that to our property,” she said when contacted by Doppler on Friday.

The portable toilet was new and cost an estimated $1,200.

“A portable toilet doesn’t burn easy so it would have taken some time,” explained McGregor who is hoping somebody might have seen something on Tuesday, July 10 and/or Wednesday, July 11. The incident has been reported to police.

“We take great pride in what we do and feel very upset that someone would do this to our Company. The Huntsville Police have been notified but if you have any information could you please reach out. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration,” wrote McGregor on the company’s Facebook page.

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  1. Im surprised that someone didnt notice what with the fire ban being on and it being across from houses .

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