Bubela welcomes almost a million dollars for infrastructure improvements at MAHC



On January 24, Parry-Sound Muskoka MPP Norm Miller announced almost a million dollars in funding to Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare (MAHC) through the Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund.

“The health and safety of patients and families is a priority for our government,” said Miller in the press release. “That’s why we must make the necessary investments in our hospitals now, to ensure our healthcare professionals have the facilities they need to continue to provide excellent quality care to patients.”

MAHC is one of 128 hospitals across the province that will receive funds this fiscal year. The money is doled out annually on a priority basis to help hospitals with their capital infrastructure needs. MAHC will receive $981,990 and West Parry Sound Health Centre will receive $180,862.

MAHC CEO Natalie Bubela said in a statement to Doppler that the hospital is fortunate to be a recipient of the infrastructure funding.

These funds are a result of an annual application process that we participate in every year, and the funds are generally awarded based on overall building condition through the findings of a government facility assessment that prioritizes various aspects of the building infrastructure, and focuses on urgent needs that impact the functionality and operation of the facility.” MAHC CEO Natalie Bubela

Bubela said the funds will go to planned replacement of obsolete building-related equipment, updating infrastructure and physical space to meet current and more rigid standards, building envelope improvements related to energy efficiency, and general building improvements to enhance patient experience and work environments for staff.

Some specific examples include replacing carpet with vinyl flooring; upgrades to electrical supply, safety, and distribution systems; replacing exterior doors, boiler controls and other heating system improvements; upgrades to walk-in refrigerator compressor units; and portions of work related to the Emergency Department secure rooms.

“With approximately $40 million in capital infrastructure needs today for our two facilities, these funding announcements are important and much appreciated,” Bubela added.

According to Miller’s release, the Province is moving quickly to address challenges facing the health care system as it develops a long-term transformational strategy to end hallway health care.

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  1. One can only wonder what this largess is going to cost us. Looking no further than post-secondary education; we see how this government gives with one hand, and takes back more with the other. Regarding all the rumours about privatizing healthcare, would the Premier have dismissed the originator of the leaks (to the NDP); if there wasn’t a scintilla of truth to them? Methinks not.

    I do, however applaud the wisdom of devoting a large portion of the funds to energy conservation: this is a far-reaching decision, with a multi-year payback. But far better to study the hospital’s energy profile, and make meaningful changes; than to make a myriad of cosmetic changes. We are proud of our hospital and our doctors. Who cares what colour the walls are? And replacing the worn carpet with vinyl flooring is another superior decision. New carpet off-gases for several years, and renders people (especially those with environmental sensitivities) ill to varying degrees.

  2. Arlene Anderson on

    Just one suggestion. Repair or replace the shower with the non-functioning door. I was almost
    prepared to give the hospital the money for this as after using it myself a couple of times as
    well as my husbnd using it was quite a feat. However, being clean and refreshed outweighed
    not using it. A small and perhaps petty request but at least water wouldn’t be leaked all over the

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