Athletes of the week: 2019 HHS athletic awards recipients



On June 13, Huntsville High School athletes, coaches and supporters gathered to celebrate individual and team successes from the school year and acknowledge the athletes’ sportsmanship and commitment to their sport at the 2018-19 HHS Athletic Awards Banquet.

“What is great about the athletic banquet at HHS is that it celebrates the participation of all Hoya student athletes as well as honouring excellence with most outstanding performances and athletes of the year. It really shows how much our school celebrates True Sport values and sportsmanship,” said Ross Clarke, HHS athletic director.

“I am very proud to be part of the athletic program at Huntsville High School,” added Clarke. “The passion and learning that our coaches offer as volunteer coaches is inspiring! Congratulations to all athletes for such a successful year, and to our major award winners on our 2018-19 year.”

Grade 12 student Madi Buck was an important part of making the athletic banquet run smoothly as she was the head of athletics. For her role, she won the leadership award for demonstrating such passion and commitment to the HHS Athletic Department.

“I am very thankful for receiving the Athletic Leadership Award,” says Buck. “I hope my leadership skills will be passed down to the next generation.”

The following students and teams were recognized at the banquet:

Major award recipients

Special Olympic Olympian: Mark Cheek

Athletic Achievement Awards: Sophia Marshall (Junior Girls), Ryan Clarke (Junior Boys), Abby Boon (Senior GIrls), Cam Heinz (Senior Boys)

(Clockwise from above left) Sophia Marshall, Ryan Clarke, Cam Heinz, and Abby Boon

Don McCormick Award: Nick Smith

Nick Smith, Don McCormick Award recipient with Don McCormick

Nick Smith, Don McCormick Award recipient with Don McCormick

True Sport Awards: Emma Elliott (Junior Female), Cole Frasier (Junior Male), Madeline Horton (Senior Female), Owen Johnstone (Senior Male)

True Sport Junior Award winners Emma Elliot and Cole Frasier (senior award recipients are pictured in the main photo)

True Sport Junior Award winners Emma Elliot and Cole Frasier (senior award recipients are pictured in the main photo)

Athletic Leadership Award: Madi Buck

Athletic Leadership Award recipient Madi Buck with HHS Athletic Director Ross Clarke

Athletic Leadership Award recipient Madi Buck with HHS Athletic Director Ross Clarke

Team banners

Muskoka Parry Sound Champions (MPS)

  • Basketball: Junior Boys, Junior Girls, Senior Boys, Senior Girls
  • Badminton: Sophia Marshall (Junior Girls Singles), Tyler Blair and Matt Schmanda (Senior Men’s Doubles)
  • Soccer: Boys Varsity, Girls Varsity Soccer
  • Volleball: Midget Girls, Junior Girls
  • Senior Tennis: Boys and Girls Doubles
  • Senior Boys Golf

GBSSA Champions

  • Basketball: Junior Girls
  • Senior Badminton: Tyler Blair and Matt Schmanda (Men’s Doubles)
  • Cross Country: Senior Boys
  • Swimming: Senior Girls
  • Nordic: Zak Varieur (Junior Boys Open), Ryan Clarke (Junior Boys High School), Sophia Marshall (Junior Girls), Senior Boys Team, Riley de Gans (Senior Boys Open)
  • Track: Mark Cheek (ID 100M and 800M), Gabby Arsenault (Senior Girls 100M and 200M)

OFSAA Champions (provincial)

  • Alpine: Boys Giant Slalom
  • Nordic: Sophia Marshall (Gold, Junior Girls Open), Mark Cheek (Gold, Special Olympian), Ryan Clarke (Silver, Junior Boys High School), Zak Varieur (Silver, Junior Boys Open), Riley de Gans (Bronze, Senior Boys Open), David Laughton (Silver, Senior Boys High School), Cameron Heinz (Bronze, Senior Boys High School)
  • Track – Central Regionals: Cameron Heinz (Gold, Senior Boys 1500M), Mark Cheek (Gold, ID 800M)
  • Mountain Biking: Cole Punchard (Junior Boys Champion)

Most Outstanding Player (MOP) or Most Sportsmanlike Player (MSP), as recognized by their coaches

Alpine: Noah Jason (MOP, Level 1 High School Trained), Grace Gates (MSP, Level 1 High School Trained), Julia Caswell (MOP, Level 2), Caitlin MacInally (MSP, Level 2)

Badminton: Sophia Marshall (MOP, Junior Team), Courtney Lemon (MSP, Junior Team), Tyler Blair and Matt Schmanda (MOP, Senior Team), Lauren Hooey (MSP, Senior Team)

Basketball: Wes Farnsworth (MOP, Junior Boys), Eli McDougall (MSP, Junior Boys), Riley Truax (MOP, Junior Girls), Morgan Smith (MSP, Junior Girls), Zackary Boyko (MOP, Senior Boys), Ethan Tye (MSP, Senior Boys), Gabby Arsenault (MOP, Senior Girls), Celeste Dupuis (MSP, Senior Girls)

Curling: Julia Caswell (MOP), Ben Caplan (MSP)

Cross Country: Charlie Maslin (MOP, Midget Boys), John Ebbers (MSP, Midget Boys), Chloe Punkari (MOP, Midget Girls), Emily Angell (MSP, Midget Girls), Elias Coles (MOP, Junior Boys), Zak Varieur (MSP, Junior Boys and Bob Baum Award), Sophia Marshall (MOP, Junior Girls), Emma Elliott (MSP, Junior Girls and Bob Baum Award), Cameron Heinz (MOP, Senior Boys and Tim Manitowabi Award), Owen Johnstone (MSP, Senior Boys), Madeline Horton (MOP, Senior Girls and Tim Manitowabi Award), Stella Keay (MSP, Senior Girls)

Field Lacrosse: Braiden Jones (MOP, Boys), Ryan Taylor (MSP, Boys), Ryan Bionda (MOP, Girls), Abby Boon (MSP, Girls)

Golf: Cory Maw (MOP, Junior Boys), Logan Therrien (MSP, Junior Boys), Chase Jankovic (MOP, Senior Boys), Cam Aben (MSP, Senior Boys)

Hockey: Abby Boon (MOP, Girls), Emma Elliott (MSP, Girls), Tysen Robb (MOP, Junior Boys), Tyler Wortman (MSP, Junior Boys), Chris Locke (MOP, Senior Boys), Matt Joiner (MSP, Senior Boys)

Mountain Bike: Emma Punkari (MOP, Open), Nolan Parsons (MSP, Open)

Nordic Ski: Ryan Clarke (MOP, Junior Boys), Cole Punchard (MSP, Junior Boys), Emma Dickson (MOP, Junior Girls), Sophia Marshall (MSP, Junior Girls), Owen Johnstone (MOP, Senior Boys), David Laughton (MSP, Senior Boys), Madeline Horton (MOP, Senior Girls), Stella Keay (MSP, Senior Girls)

Soccer: Tyler Smith (MOP, Senior Boys), Erik Bertelsen (MSP, Senior Boys), Sophie Small (MOP, Senior Girls), Celeste Dupuis (MSP, Senior Girls)

Swimming: Madeline Arsenault (MOP, Junior Girls), Sophia Marshall (MSP, Junior Girls), Connor MacMillan (MOP, Junior Boys), Hudson Douglas (MSP, Junior Boys), Kyoka Stone (MOP, Senior Girls), Alicia McLinden (MSP, Senior Girls), Mark Cox (MOP, Senior Boys), Colin Jones (MSP, Senior Boys)

Tennis: Monique Boyko (MOP, Junior), Heather Hawkins (MSP, Junior), Randi Deline (MOP, Senior), Kyle Campbell (MSP, Senior)

Volleyball: Lauryn Oliver (MOP, Midget Girls), Ayla La Frenere (MSP, Midget Girls), Nathan Secord  (MSP, Junior Boys), Dakota Fraser (MOP, Junior Girls), Erika Carr (MSP, Junior Girls), Matt Schmanda (MOP, Senior Boys), Charlie Lalonde  (MSP, Senior Boys), Kaitlyn Israelstam (MOP, Senior Girls), Celeste Dupuis (MSP, Senior Girls)

Correction: a previous version of this story omitted the volleyball awards for Most Outstanding Player (MOP) and Most Sportsmanlike Player (MSP).

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  1. Brenda Duncan on

    Congrats to all of the super athletes! Although, I don’t see the results of the girls and boys volleyball.

    • Dawn Huddlestone on

      Hi Brenda. Thanks for pointing that out and our apologies for the oversight. The volleyball awards have been added.

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