Athlete of the week: Ashley Bird


Ashley Bird is passionate about health and fitness. She’s a partner in The BarBelles, a local company that provides show prep, powerlifting and general training and nutrition coaching, and she’s been a fitness and bikini competitor for the last four years.

This year, her hard work has paid off. In May, she won first place at a UFE (Ultimate Fitness Events) Revolution bikini competition and took took second place for the glamour competition. Then in June, at the Canada Pro Qualifier in London, she won a first in the glamour competition and second in the bikini competition, earning her Pro Card in both divisions. And she did it just one year after her son Deklan was born.

“When my name was called I had a sigh of relief,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “This was my third attempt at this over a three-year span (with a baby in between) and to be honest, I really didn’t want to try again but my ultimate goal was to get my Pro Card, so I wasn’t going to quit.”

She is very thankful for everyone who supported her throughout her journey, including her family and friends along with her clients who would travel to cheer her on. She is grateful for all of her sponsors, partners, and colleagues who helped her along the way and she mentioned how lucky she was to work with her coach and The BarBelles co-founder, Carla Ramsay. Her final thanks went to the UFE Team: “I chose to compete and earn my pro status with this organization because it’s fun, positive and supportive of its athletes, and above all…Natural.”

Ashley says competing helps her to stay focused on her personal goals.  “My goal when I started competing was to earn my pro card,” says Ashley. “I’ve done that, so now my main goal is to continue to coach others for competition and hopefully inspire new moms to make fitness and health a priority.”

And according to her client reviews at The BarBelles, she has definitely proven to be an ambassador and specialty expert in her field.

Congratulations Ashley Bird for working so hard for the last three years to achieve your goals.

Photos taken at the Canadian Pro Qualifier at Centennial Hall in London, Ontario, on June 23rd, 2018. Photographer: Chris V. Linton

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