Athlete of the week: Angie Aldridge



Angie Aldridge has been recognized for her extreme hard work and dedication to herself and her sport.

The Huntsville resident is a Canadian Physique Alliance Figure Athlete who has been competing since 2016.

In her first show, she registered in the bikini category and placed second, That early success had Aldridge and her coach, Jodi Boam, considering a figure competition as a possibility.

Bikini competitions judge the athletes on their overall toned and athletic look, focusing on the athletes’ glutes, legs and abs, while figure competitors are judged on their tight and defined look focusing on the athletes V-taper with wide shoulder, defined delt (shoulder) caps, tiny waist, and lean legs with round glutes.

“In 2017, I qualified for provincials in Bikini and Figure,” says Aldridge. “I saw the girls in my category and I thought to myself, what the hell am I doing, these girls are huge and have so much muscle. Thinking I’ll be lucky if I make it into the top 10.”

In the prejudging at the provincials, the athletes were moved around in the first line up on stage which gave them a good idea where they would place in the final judging round. “I started on the outside and kept getting bumped closer and closer to the centre until I was in the top two spots, says Aldridge. “I couldn’t believe it. I was one point off of getting first place and ended up getting second. It was that moment that I knew figure was the direction I was going to take going forward.”

Angie Aldridge, pictured here in 2017, found early success in her sport (supplied)

Angie Aldridge, pictured here in 2017, found early success in her sport (supplied)

Over the following year, Aldridge put her determination to work and trained hard to build as much muscle as she could. She entered her first international show and placed sixth in the figure category. Her extreme dedication also gave her the strength to compete again just four weeks later in the Toronto Nationals to earn a better score.

“I wasn’t happy with what I brought to the stage. I then decided to sign up for Arnold Amateur Classic bodybuilding show in March 2019,” says Aldridge. “I didn’t have a ton of time, but knew if I buckled down I could beat the prior years’ stage package.”

Aldridge shared that the prep time is the hardest part of competing, but she loves the challenge. “I try not to complain even when it’s tough and I am sitting in my car crying eating my cold fish. I look at prepping for a show as a privilege, not a sacrifice.”

Prepping for the Arnold Classic was the toughest by far for Aldridge. “There were a lot of sweat, blood, and tears that went through it. I don’t regret it one bit though. I placed second.”

Angie Aldridge (centre) on stage at the 2019 Arnold Classic (supplied)

Angie Aldridge (centre) on stage at the 2019 Arnold Classic (supplied)

Angie Aldridge at the 2019 Arnold Classic (supplied)

Angie Aldridge at the 2019 Arnold Classic (supplied)

Achieving great results makes Aldridge love the sport even more as she accomplishes what she has set out to do.

“I secretly love the grind of all of it,” added Aldridge.

Her coach, Jodi Boam from team KABOAM, has seen much growth in Aldridge since day one, both mentally and physically. “No contest prep has been the same, and none of them have been easy, but she faces every curve ball head on and always comes out on top in the end.”

Aldridge hopes to continue to improve in her sport each year and to inspire others in the process.

“I want to be able to inspire and motivate others to never give up and that hard work pays off,” she says.

“Angie is extremely driven and shows a lot of passion for what she does, which is very inspiring for myself and our team,” says Boam. “I’m looking forward to continuing our journey together and keep progressing towards bigger and better goals ahead, as I know her potential is truly endless.”

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    You are a great icon for the sport congratulations my friend. Keep it up.
    Love to see you go to the top girl.

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