Annual Family Place Christmas luncheon raises thousands in support of the Salvation Army



Main photo: It’s a ‘family’ affair. Pictured from left are Majors Suzann and Darren Wiseman, Krystal Fuller, Oliver Wolfe, Jenny Spring, Don and Mary Spring, and Bob Wolfe.

The annual Family Place Christmas lunch in support of the Salvation Army Christmas drive was a huge success, raising over $6,020 this year with donations still coming in.

The Christmas lunch is a tradition that spans more than 40 years. It was started by a group of businessmen who routinely met for lunch at the then-Peter’s Restaurant. Over the holiday season they would host a ‘wild-game’ lunch for other Huntsville businessmen and ask for donations in support of the Salvation Army Toy Drive.

As the annual event grew and evolved, various area restaurants have taken turns hosting. They include The Sportsman, The Station House, Jesters, and The Cottage. Many years ago, Dino and Bessie Georgas of Family Place Restaurant took over the onerous task of planning and executing the luncheon. Most recently, Jenny Spring and Oliver Wolfe, as new(ish) owners of Family Place, have generously carried on the tradition.

The restaurant was full with people enjoying a lunch buffet laden with Family Place signature pizzas, baked salmon, chicken kebabs, pasta, salad and a hip of beef. The only thing better than the main course was the dessert buffet, where attendees were treated to Bessie Georgas’ homemade baklava and Mary Spring’s chocolate brownies.

If you missed the luncheon but still want to support the Salvation Army, one way to do that is with the December 5 Project Porchlight food drive. Listen for the sirens of local emergency vehicles as they move through town collecting non-perishable food items for the Salvation Army’s food bank.

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