Andrew Scheer names MP Tony Clement new Shadow Cabinet Minister for Justice


Today the Leader of the Conservative Party, Andrew Scheer, named Parry Sound-Muskoka MP Tony Clement the new Shadow Minister for Justice. MP Clement had previously served as Shadow Minister of Public Services and Procurement.

“I want to thank our Leader for placing his confidence in me as Shadow Minister for Justice. It is a significant portfolio and I pledge to stand up for Canadians in holding the Trudeau Liberals to account. Conservatives have a long and strong history of standing up for victims of crime and keeping our communities safe. I will continue to stand up for these principles,” said Clement, who added he is also thinking today of his late step father, John Clement, who served as Attorney General of Ontario.

The new role for MP Clement was one of several made today by Andrew Scheer.

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    • Tony will do absolutely nothing in that position, for a very long time. He will be sitting in the shadows for many years to come. He has his indexed pension. Maybe it’s time for him to consider a career change and try doing something useful.

  1. Mr Clement why don’t You hold yourself to account for the little real benefits you have brought to this riding in your time as our MP ? Oh and don’t use the G8 as one.

  2. I think Tony will do an excellent job in a position such as this one. The comments here are getting nastier as the years go by. Must be a lot more Liberals moving into the area, who have no qualms about Mr. McGinty spending a Billion bucks for political gain. (How many hospitals could have been built for that kind of money?)
    Mr. Clement has his indexed pension already set up through years of dedicated hard work, and I appreciate his dedication to his ‘Service to the People’ mindset.
    (Gad, it takes a thick skin to be a politician!)

    • I agree totally with your comment, Jim. Liberals used to be worthy opponents–now they just seem emotion-driven and they often appear to buy everything that the universally-liberal media churns out.

  3. The last ‘Good’ Liberal P.M. was the young lad’s Daddy, Pierre. We were all victims of Trudeaumania even though he damned near bankrupted the country. My dear old Mother never forgave me, a lifelong Conservative, for voting for Pierre, even if he was a flamboyant playboy type, he WAS interesting. Too bad the son rode in on his Pop’s coattails, without knowing how to run a country, I suspect some of us Seniors hoped he was as smart as his Dad. Oh Hindsight, where is thy magic??

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