Accelerate Muskoka says they’re prepared to compete for the Waterloo building


Accelerate Muskoka says it has no problem competing with other proposals for the best use for the Waterloo Summit Centre for the Environment and welcomes the opportunity to participate in a new request for proposal (RFP) process on the building.

Readers will recall that at Huntsville Council’s May 23rd meeting, in a 5-4 vote where the mayor broke the tie, council decided to set aside the idea of issuing a new RFP on the building in favour of giving staff one more month to work with Accelerate Muskoka to come up with a deal.

It was a council divided
There were those councillors who felt that the Town had been in talks with Accelerate Muskoka for far too long. They said it was time to open the building to competitive proposals to see what other interests might be out there. While others, especially Huntsville Mayor Scott Aitchison, urged that Accelerate Muskoka be given another chance before going out for an RFP, given the amount of work the proponents had already put into the project and their vision for the building.

That was then, this is now
Since the May 23 council meeting, Accelerate Muskoka director Tom Pinckard said discussions have taken place with the Mayor and Accelerate Muskoka has indicated that it is amenable to resubmitting its bid under a new RFP.  “We said we’re happy to do that because there’s no point in us going forward if we don’t have 100 per cent of council and 100 per cent support of the community”, Pinckard said.

What we’re saying is go ahead, go out for a new proposal and we’ll compete in the market place like everybody else. We believe we’ve got the best proposal by far and I think we meet the test and we’re happy to enter into a new RFP. Hopefully when we get to the end of the process, we have unanimous support.

Tom Pinckard, one of the directors with Accelerate Muskoka

The issue is expected to make its way back to the council table at council’s June 26 meeting.

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