After 40 years of funeral service, Kevin and Susan Billingsley are retiring


After 40-plus years in funeral service, Kevin and Susan Billingsley have decided it is time to retire and spend time with family and friends, especially their five grandchildren Wyatt, William, Logan, Emberson and Georgia.

Kevin and Susan established the Billingsley Funeral Home at 430 Ravenscliffe Road in Huntsville in 1997.

“With the funeral profession changing and the twenty-four/seven attention required, we feel it’s time for us  to slow our pace down and change course.

“The funeral home will retain the Billingsley name and continue to operate with the same high standard that we have established for over twenty years.  We  were always grateful for the trust given to us to handle arrangements for families, and trust that support will in turn be  given to Park Lawn Funeral Home Division and Cheryl Kingan, who will handle the day-to-day operations with Darren  Growen overseeing as well.

“We will continue to live in Huntsville which is home and always will be.”

Susan and Kevin Billingsley

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  1. Betty Fulton on

    Congratulations Kevin & Susan, nice to know you are retiring while young enough and healthy enough to enjoy your retirement. You have definitely been a blessing to Huntsville, nice to know you will still be part of the community. May you enjoy the many blessings ahead of you!

  2. Donna Lee Little on

    So very very awesome!! God Bless you both. Enjoy retirement and those beautiful grandbabies ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘👏👏👏👏🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

  3. Sean Sturgeon on

    I am very lucky to be real close friends with Susan and Kevin’s son Kyle. Through kyle i have met two of the nicest people that i have ever met (Susan and Kevin) as well as had some of my dearest loved ones at their care after there passing. Enjoy your free time guys you definitely deserve it.

    • Jessica payne on

      You guys were great to my family when my dad passed away one weekend and managed to make it work to have his funeral and viewing on the Monday and the Tuesday because my mom didn’t want to have it on his birthday. Best of luck enjoy the time with your family.

    • Eliaine Woodley on

      Kevin and Susan best wishes
      You have served Huntsville and area with grace and professionalism
      Elaine Woodley (nee White)

  4. Happy for you both to be retiring. Sad for the town of Huntsville. You both have been such a blessing to our community in so many ways. Especially when we lost mom and dad, and many close friends/family through out the years.
    You and your team were and are the best. Congratulations on your retirement.

  5. Kathy Davis- Verzyden on

    Thank you Susan and Kevin for the way you treated our family during our time of loss.
    You have the perfect touch when dealing with grieving families.
    Thank you for your friendship, your beautiful smiles and the tender way you treated me and my family.
    May God Bless you greatly in all your future endeavors.
    Kathy Davis- Verzyden

  6. Brenda Ballantine on

    Enjoy your retirement, I will always remember how kind and wonderful to our family when we lost Dad in 99 and Mom in 2003.

  7. Merna Oreilly on

    Congratulations on your retirement. Thank you for the time and compassion you showed to all. You were a blessing to Huntsville. May you have many wonderful years ahead to enjoy your retirement.

  8. David Genders on

    Enjoy retirement Kevin and Susan. You came through for my dad wife back then and me when my mom passed away years ago will remember u both always for helping thanx

  9. Bryan Boothby on

    Kevin & Susan, Thank you both for your past services. Heather & I both wish you a well deserved retirement and enjoy your time with your families.

  10. Kevin and Susan, Thank-you for being there when I lost both my Mom and my husband. Your kindness will always be remembered and I am so glad you will be able to breathe and spend time with your family and friends. Thank-you also for the community support you have provided all these years. Congratulations!

  11. Joan Jerrett on

    Look at all these good wishes! John & I would like to add our congratulations on your well earned retirement.
    As we well know, life is short, so it’s wonderful that you will be able to enjoy yours fully with all your friends and family…. including all those grandbabies. Enjoy!

  12. Sonja Garlick on

    Thank you for your many years of service caring for our loved ones. You have certainly earned a happy retirement! Congratulations!

  13. Wendy McConnell on

    We too would like to pass along our sincerest congratulations for a job well done, and to wish you all of the best in your new adventures…. Your compassion and care for so many during, what is probably the worst times in their lives, is genuinely respected and appreciated. Enjoy!!

    Dan & Wendy McConnell

  14. Kathryn Henderson on

    You guys were awesome. So very helpful and understanding at a sad time. I dread having a funeral without you guys to help. You know what needs to be done, you have good suggestions and help take the work out of planning a funeral without being so sober and sad. You handled my husbands funeral and my dads shortly after and you made it so easy and comfortable. I can only hope you passed on to the new guys how you helped people decide things and order things and what to order. Again you were both so very very good . I really appreciate all that you have done and will miss your services. (haha thats a little grim but I mean it>)

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