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Welcome to Wayback Wednesday!

Every week, we’ll be sharing a vintage photo and asking our readers to chime in with anything you can recall about the photo, other related memories, or even a funny caption.

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This week: A vintage photo of boats and ships on the Muskoka River. Do you recognize anything in the landscape?

Last week we shared this photo with you:


This is One Tree Island—it’s easy to see how it got its name. Most Doppler readers that commented knew that this island is in Fairy Lake, and no longer bears the tree that gave it its name. Here are some of the comments:

Tricia Zonneveld Dickie: My friend and I used to take her little Sunfish out there and have lunch.

AnneMarie Switzer: Thought to be where Tom Thompson painted “The Lone Pine”.

Kim Oke Small: I have fond memories of taking the tin boats into town from Penn Lake as a kid. We’d often stop there and explore. 40 years ago there were three trees and several bushes. At least one was a birch. I’d like to see it now.

Marg Wood: A number of years ago 1 or more “rascals” cut down the One tree!

Donna Lee Little: Barbie, myself and who ever else was around would always make a swim out to One Tree, with a guard boat lol. Her Aunt had the resort and it was a swim straight out to the island! Wow that was a day or two ago. When we would be out with my wooden boat puttering around the day wasn’t complete till you made a stop at the island!

Jane Wolfe: Swam around there a couple of summers ago, it is overrun with seagulls and looks white from all the seagull poo!!

Laurel Cornfoot-Brown: Right in front of where our grandparents’ cottages were located. Swam there more times than I can count and raspberries for lunch many, many times if they made it off the island. lol

Bill Sibeon: First place parents ever let us go camping alone over night. Found out almost immediately the place was infested with mice, they chewed through our Styrofoam cooler within the first hour. There’s a neat rock formation on the north west corner that makes a shelter you can climb into.

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